Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Lovely Afternoon with Marie-Grace and Liberty

 Hello, lovely readers!  Bundling up two days ago, ...
... we headed outside with our dolls.
"Thanks for letting me borrow Felicity, Chrissa!"  Liberty said.  
"You're welcome.  Can't wait until you have your own AG doll!" Chrissa responded with a smile.
"Shall we play?" Marie-Grace asked.
"Certainly; let us start." I agreed.  We spent a nice time playing with our American Girl dolls.  When the dolls finished their adventure, Marie-Grace and I brought them inside while Liberty and Chrissa went to climb a tree.
"Come on, Libby!" Chrissa called.  "We're almost to the top!"
"Coming!" Liberty yelled back.  "All I can see is your feet!"

"This is one of my fave spots." Chrissa told her cousin.
"Chrissa and Liberty?  Elizabeth and I are going on a walk."   Marie said.
"Okay!  See ya later!" Liberty and Chrissa said in unison.
We walked around Nana and Papa's neighborhood, both enjoying the quiet and talking.
"It has been ever so lovely to see you again, Elizabeth." my cousin said warmly.
"I must say the same.  Is it not wonderful how alike we are?" I replied.
"I shall be quite sad when you must leave."
"I as well."
"Hey!" Liberty invited. "Chrissa and I are going on the tire swing!  Do you want to come?"  Together, Marie and I looked at our skirts and laughed.
"I think we shall pass." I answered for both of us, Marie-Grace nodding in agreement.
"This is awesome!" we head Libby say.
"Okay, one more swing and then it's my turn!" Chrissa said excitedly.
"So-much-fun!" Chrissa yelled, swinging back and forth.
"Do you want to go on the slide?" Liberty asked Chrissa, who clambered off the tire swing.
"Sure, why not?" Chrissa replied, making them both laugh.
"Look out, Libby!" Chrissa cautioned Liberty, who scrambled up just in time.  "Look at that cool beam-ish thing!  I'm going to do a cartwheel."

"Cool, Chrissa!" Liberty praised.  "You know I can't do that." (http://sandhilladventuresadollblog.blogspot.com/2013/12/home-alone.html)
"Thanks.  Do you want to go on the trampoline?" Chrissa wondered.
"Sure, why not?"
Dropping their shoes in the grass, the cousin-friends climbed onto the trampoline.
Bouncing up and down, Chrissa and Liberty sang ridiculous songs; but soon fell down, laughing and gasping for breath, only to jump back up and restart the cycle.
Marie-Grace, Liberty, Chrissa and I spent a lovely afternoon in the outdoors.
How do you like to spend time outside?
P.S. I just noted that we have 25 followers!  Thank you to every single one of you.


  1. This is so cute! =) I love how eloquent Marie-Grace and Elizabeth are, whilst Chrissa and Liberty are almost Happy-Go-Lucky.

  2. I love sitting out on our back porch with my dog while Lexie climbs the trees. Love the photos.
    Melody from TN

    1. Looks like you all had a ton of fun


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