Saturday, June 28, 2014

The New Outfits from American Girl: What We Think (Three)

 Hello, lovely readers!  When all the new American Girl releases came out on Thursday, Chrissa and I knew it was time for a post.
That's right!  Do you like the fabsome collage we made?
 Okay, so the Sunny Isle Outfit didn't just come out, but it's still pretty new.  And I just love it!  This outfit is so fabulous!
Err ... this is not exactly my style.
I like the skirt, but the entire ensemble, again, is not something I would wear.
From the cute hair clips down to the shoes, this outfit is adorable!  I especially like the little glasses on Coconut. My wishlist is getting longer ...
 I don't see how this outfit matches.  I mean, a purple hoodie with gray and blue pants?
Actually, I agree.
I have no comment.
At first glance, I liked this outfit.  But after a closer look, the School Stripes Dress didn't "strike my fancy".
The design of the Bright Stripes Outfit is nice, and that's about it.
It seems rather ... strange.
 The Petals and Plaid PJ's are quite pretty, but would be even better with a skirt.
A skirt?  What the lime peels (a new expression of Chrissa's);  I love these!  The style, fabric, colors, everything!
 Those pink boots are cute!  I'm not so charmed with the rest of the Sparkly Camp Outfit, though.
Err ... no comment.
 Due to the fact that I have never skateboarded in the span of my life, I doubt that this would ever appeal to me.
I agree (with maybe less fancy words).
These aren't outfits, but I just wanted to ask if any of you had noticed that the new pet accessories had a definite theme, as the lovely collage points out.
 What do you think about the new releases?

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Garage Sales and the Library

Hi all!  This morning, my mom took Elizabeth and I garage saleing (if that's even a word)!  I found some neat stuff, namely ...
... a American Girl doll-sized horse, a set little dog figures, and a neck pillow, which will good for traveling.  Elizabeth just got some fabric.  By the time we got home, it was lunch time, so we sat down and ate.  Then, we packed up our books and headed to the library!
Upon we walking inside, my sister immediately went to look for some book series about princesses.  Mom and I returned the books we were done reading.  Then we went our separate ways to get new books!
Usually, I just meander down the isles, grabbing anything that looks interesting.
"Did you find any good books?" Mom asked later.
"I hope so." I smiled.  Elizabeth walked over, carrying two bags full of books, and looking perfectly happy.
"I'm set until next week." she said, making both of us laugh.
 Then we all checked out, and hopped in the car.
"Shotgun!" I called, jumping into the passenger seat.
 As a special treat, Mom took Elizabeth and I to the McDonald's drive-through.  I got a strawberry shake, of course.
I can't wait to start reading!
Do you like going to the library?

Monday, June 9, 2014

To the Mailbox

Hello, lovely readers!  Due to the large amount of rain in our area recently, my family had not picked up our mail in a few days.
Consequently, after lunch, I went to get it.  Chrissa would  have, but she was working on a birthday gift for our cousin, Liberty, whose birthday is on Wednesday.
I hooked up Sugar's leash so she could come along.  Her little legs needed the exercise!
I turned the nob, and we went out the door.
All that rain left the grass quite lush and green.
After a semi-short walk, I arrived at the mailbox ...
... and emptied it of it's contents.  Upon returning home, I unclasped Sugar's leash and sifted through the mail.  To my excitement, I found a letter addressed to me, as well as one for my sister.
"Chrissa!" I called upstairs. "Please come down!"
"Why?" she replied, curious.
"There's a letter for you from Kit P!"
"Okay; I'll be down in a sec!"
While I was waiting, I open the cute, colorful envelope.
And read the letter from my North Carolina pen pal, Kit P. (Chrissa and I call her that so as not to confuse her with our cousin Kit.)
"Where's my card?" Chrissa wanted to know when she arrived downstairs.
"On the counter." I said, gesturing to the kitchen.
"Thanks!" she replied, grabbing it and running back upstairs.  I finished reading my card, and look forward to writing a reply.
Do you like receiving or sending letters better?