Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hello, Nebraska!

Hi everyone!  Last Thursday my sisters and I flew to Nebraska!  We are staying in my awesome Nana and Poppa's house for now, but on Monday we going to drive (or more accurately, my parents are going to drive) down to our cousin's house.  I am way excited to see Jewel (and Libby and Marie, too)!!!
That's all for now.  Elizabeth will be posting soon!
Who are you seeing this summer?
P.S. Shout out to our cousins for posting about our coming! (

Friday, May 15, 2015

Happy Birthday to Yours Truly!

 Hi all! Yesterday was my birthday!
 "Happy Birthday, Chrissa!" my sisters greeted me.
"Happy Birthday, dear." Mom said.
 "Thanks!" I replied.
 "What gift do you want to open?" Georgia said.
"Actually, we're going to have breakfast first." Mom reminded her.
 Mom made blueberry muffins with the blueberries that we picked last month (I'm surprised we still had some left).
Afterwards, we returned to the kitchen.
"Here, open this one." Elizabeth suggested, handing me a wrapped gift.
"Okay!" I ripped though the paper. "Oh, these are really cute!"
Inside were a cute, magenta shirt and striped shorts.  I've noticed that if I get clothing for my birthday, I usually open it before I get dressed.
I got dressed, and asked Elizabeth to do my hair.  Both my sisters still had schoolwork, but thankfully Mom let me take the day off.  After lunch, the doorbell rang.
"Victoria? McKenna? Kit?" I heard Georgia ask. "What are you all doing here?"
"SURPRISE!!!" Kit yelled.
"Happy Birthday, Chrissa!" Victoria greeted me as I came downstairs.
"Yes, Happy Birthday." McKenna said.
"Thanks!" I said. "I'm so glad you came over.  I know it's a long drive here from your house."
"Oh, I burned our house down." Kit said nonchalantly.
"You did what?" Georgia looked alarmed.
"I burned it down, so we're moving in with you peeps."
"She's joking." McKenna assured us.
"I am not!  Look, I'll show you a picture on my new iPhone." Kit said, pulling out a iPhone 6.
"Where did that come from?" I questioned my unpredictable cousin.
"You're cute, Chrissa." she replied, standing on our couch and patting my head.
"You are ridiculous." I said, poking her.
Victoria turned to Elizabeth. "Did the package arrive in time?"
Elizabeth nodded. "That's why we weren't expecting you.  The gift is upstairs on the table."
"Let's go up to the kitchen so Chrissa can open the rest of her gifts." Georgia suggested.
We all crowded into the kitchen.
"Oo, I wonder what's in here." I opened a gift bag.  It was a jar of strawberry jelly!  "Thanks, Mom!"
"You're welcome, Chrissa."
Just then, the doorbell rang again. "I'll get it!" Georgia said.
She came back in, looking puzzled.  Georgia whispered something in Elizabeth's ear.
Elizabeth smiled. "I forgot we never introduced you to Holly."
But Holly wasn't the only one at the door.
Holly was followed by three other girls.
"Hello, Chrissa!  Oh!  Is today your birthday?" She spotted  the pile of gifts.
"Yes, it is."
"Oh, happy birthday then!  I just wanted to introduce you to my friends.  Are we interrupting?  We could come back later."
"No, I'd love for you all to join the party!" I said.
"Wonderful!  Now, let me do some introductions."
Gesturing to the taller girl behind her, Holly said "This is my roommate, Cerise - I think I told you about her already."
"I'm Apple." said the blond girl.  "I'm also one of Holly's roommates."
"And I'm Poppy." the third girl said, scratching the back of her head.
"She's my sister." Holly added.
"Everybody go around the circle and say you name." I said to my cousins and sisters.  "I'm Chrissa."
"I'm Georgia." my sister said.
"I'm Elizabeth."
"I'm Victoria."
"I am the fabulous Kit-doodles."
"And I'm McKenna."
"Wow! I didn't know you had so many sisters!" Holly said.
"Actually, Victoria, McKenna and Kit are our cousins." Georgia explained.
"Oh, that makes more sense."
"Let's go back into the living room." Elizabeth said. "There are more places to sit."
McKenna and Elizabeth sat on chairs they brought in from the kitchen.  Kit, Georgia and I sat on the couch.  Holly, Apple and Poppy sat on the coffee table, and Victoria and Cerise stood against the wall.
"Hmm, which one should I open?" I said.
"Open the gift from us!" Kit insisted. "It's the one with the purple balloon."
"How nice of you to remember that purple is my fave color." I said as I opened the gift.
"If I had know it was your birthday I would have brought you a gift." Holly said thoughtfully.
"That's totally fine."  I assured her. "Don't worry about it!"
"Do you like the socks?" Kit asked.  They had given me two pairs - one rainbow, and one that looks like soccer balls.
"Yea, they're really fun!  Thanks cousins!"
"You're welcome."
"Here, open this one from me next." Georgia said, handing me a wrapped box.
I tore the paper off to reveal a pair of green sandals. "Thanks, Georgia."
"You're welcome!  I think they match the outfit you're wearing right now."
"Select your next victim." Kit said.
"That's rather morbid, Kit." Victoria said.
"I'll open this one next." I picked up a tissue paper wrapped present.
"Oo, a snow globe from New Orleans!"
"Do you like it?" Mom asked. "Dad got that for you when he was there."
"It's really fun!  Thanks, Mom and Dad."
"You're welcome."
"I know you'll love this one." Elizabeth said.
"An OLAF dress!?" I squealed.  "This is AWESOME!!"
"Mother bought the fabric, and I made it." Elizabeth said.
"Thank you so much!  I just LOVE it!!"

In the little gold box was a cute puppy necklace from my Nana, and in the last big box was a fun rainbow blanket.
Here you can see the shoes from Georgia, the globe from New Orleans, the socks from my cousins, the amaze Olaf dress, and the rainbow blanket under it.
"Let's all sing happy birthday!" Holly said.
Georgia looked at Elizabeth.  "Are you ready?"
My eldest sister nodded. "Chrissa, we decided that we wanted to do something different and re-wrote the classic 'Happy Birthday' song just for you."
Georgia pulled out her violin. "We'll teach all of you the words so you can sing along.  It goes like this:
Happy Birthday, Chrissa,
You know we all love ya
We enjoy your sense of humor,
Happy Birthday forever!"
All my friends sang along.
Who do you like to spend your birthday with?
P.S. Can you believe this is our 200th post?

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Odd Happenings, Explained - Mostly

 Hello lovely readers!  If you missed the first part, read this post (Odd Happenings) before continuing.  Otherwise it will seem like a Jeopardy game - hearing the answer and trying to guess the question.
 Wednesdays are Georgia's violin lesson, so she was heading out the door, but stopped to ask me something.
"Can you make sure Chrissa doesn't eat all the Sun Chips while I'm gone?  I'm trying to make them last all week."
I smiled. "Of course."
 I was enjoying some tea in my Yellowstone mug from last summer when I heard the front door slam.
"Hey Elizabeth!" Chrissa called up the stairs.
"Come down here - there's someone I want you to meet.  She's the girl I was talking about a few Fridays ago.  Remember?"
"Er, I think so." I said. "I'm coming."
I walked downstairs.
 "Who is this?" I asked.
 "Hello!  I'm Holly O'Hair." The girl said.
 "Elizabeth, this is Holly." Chrissa introduced. "Holly, this is my sister Elizabeth."
"Nice to meet you." I said, reaching down to shake her hand.
"Nice to meet you too!" Holly smiled.
"Might I ask you a question?" I said.
"Go ahead."
"Are you dressed up like Anna from Frozen?"
"Yes!" Holly replied. "I really love the movie and since I'm a ginger I was like 'I could dress up as Anna!' so I looked around for something good to use as an outfit, but then I ran into the real Disney Anna doll and she let me borrow her skirt, hat and cape and of course I just had to try it on and then I saw Chrissa walking Chocolate Chip so I ran outside to talk with her and then she was like 'Would you like to meet my sisters' and I said yes, I would so I walked back with her and here I am!"
"I see."
"Did I talk to much? I'm sorry if I did.  Cerise says that I do, but I'm really trying to work on it."
"I don't think you did." Chrissa assured her. "But who's Cerise?"
"She's my roommate and - oh! That reminds me it's my turn to make dinner! I need to go!"
 "Bye!  Come and visit us again!" Chrissa said as Holly walked out our door.
Chrissa and I sat down on the couch.
"She seems nice." I said.
"Yea.  Maybe I should invite her and Cerise to my birthday party." Chrissa replied.

"You don't even know Cerise yet."
"So?  If she has Holly for a roommate she's got to be nice."
"You don't know that ..."

Just then Georgia walked in the door.
 "Did I miss something?" Georgia asked suspiciously, raising an eyebrow at Chrissa.
Chrissa and I turned.
"There's something I need to explain ..." Chrissa started.
"Wait!  Did you eat the Sun Chips?" Georgia asked.
Chrissa smiled maliciously. "I didn't know we had Sun Chips.  But I would be happy to fix that!" Chrissa raced up the stairs.
"Chrissa!!" Georgia yelled.
You can just feel the sisterly love.
What do you think of Holly?