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  1. Hey Saltys,
    This is from Melodie and Lexie in Tn. Love the blog. It's cool to hear what you are up to.

  2. Hi. This is Melodie from TN. I tried to contact you with this email a dress and it did n'the go through. Has you'd email changed since you changed your blog's name?
    Thanks .

    1. Melodie,
      No, we haven't changed the email address. The [] signs are meant to be replaced by the real symbols. For example: [at] means @ and [dot] means .

  3. On your post "The Pool", where did you get Elisabeth's Swimsuit? I think it's really cute! Also, Great Job on the Blog - I Love it!

  4. Hi! Could you please answer these questions and send the answers to
    1. Did you create the quote on your title? If so, how did you make it?
    2. How do you put the title of your post on your first picture? What site did you use?
    3. How did you create a favicon? I've tried, but it hasn't worked.
    4. How did you shrink the pattern for the 18" doll sundress into a sundress for a mini AG doll?
    5. How did you create your title?

  5. I just found your blog a couple of days ago and I seriously am adictided to reading all your posts!!! You take wonderful pictures also!

  6. Your blog is so nice! I love all of the photo shoots that you guys do! The pictures came out great! I have my own american girl blog that you might like. It is

  7. Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know check out my blog soon. Will post soon and tell u the name.



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