Friday, December 13, 2013

A Salty Flashback: Nellie and Felicity

 Hi all!  Today, while playing with my two wonderful dolls, Nellie and Felicity, my memory drifted to when I first got them...
 My love for American Girls goes way back to when Elizabeth first got her "My American Girl" doll Beth for Christmas.  After begging Elizabeth to let me play with her many times, my slightly annoyed, but still practical sister suggested that I look in the AG catalog for a doll of my own.  I did, and instantly fell in love with Nellie, who Mom, Dad and my Grandparents bought me for my 8th birthday.
 Ever since I first saw her, I have adored her from her bangs...
 ... to her feet.  She is my first and treasured doll.
 Two years later, Felicity, who has beautiful long red hair, came to me after much hinting and pleading on my part.  
 It's funny, because when American Girl sold Felicity, I wasn't into her very much.  However, after I saw her in person at a friend's house, I just had to have her because she is so gorgeous and her long hair is so much fun to style.
 And have her I did, for my tenth birthday.  I even posted about receiving her here:  
Do you have any American Girl dolls?


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