Monday, December 2, 2013

Making the 'Innerstar U' N.G.C.T.

 Hi all!  I bet you're asking, "What on Earth does N.G.C.T. stand for?!"  Well, I'll tell you!  My definition is National Gymnastics Competitive Team, and that is what my cousin McKenna and I are trying to get on.  For the first time ever, Innerstar U is allowing non-students to try out for spots their sport departments, which makes McKenna and I very happy.  This afternoon, they held the big gymnastics try-out, which I (and McKenna too) have been looking forward to for a extensive amount of time.
 Elizabeth and I meet Kit and McKenna in the corridor outside the gym. 
 Before we left, Elizabeth did a cute little braid in my hair to help it stay put.  Unfortunately, there was no photography allowed in the Innerstar U gym, so Elizabeth was not able to take any pictures until we left.
In the tryout, there were four events: Floor, Vault , Beam, and Uneven Bars.  Standing next to McKenna, I carefully watch the other gymnasts.
"First up on floor is Katie Smith from Innerstar U Gymnastics!" The announcer called.
"Impressive." some gymnast on my other side murmured as Katie confidently flipped through her routine which ended to thunderous applause.  After a few other gymnasts flew through their floor routines, the announcer said:
"Please welcome McKenna Brooks from Orlando Metro Gymnastics!"
"That's me." my cousin whispered excitedly, stepping up to the purple mat.  Standing still for only a second, she bound into a front handspring, followed by the rest of her routine.  Applause exploded with her finish.
"How did I do on floor?" McKenna asked as she joined me on the bench.
"Awesome!" I encouraged truthfully.
"Next up on floor is Chrissa Edwards from Captain Gymnastics!"
Taking a deep breath, I walked up to the mat, then sprang into action.  Ending with my arms held high but one foot slightly in front of the other, I groaned.  Hadn't my coach constantly drilled into my head that uneven feet would always get a deduction?
"One event down, four to go." I sighed.  The rest of the meet was a bit of a blur, until the last event: uneven bars.  They are my best.
"First up on Uneven Bars is Chrissa Edwards!"
Wondering  if the judges had done it on purpose, I flipped and swung around the bars, thrilled that this was going well.  With three final swings, I dismounted and landed, to my joy, as perfectly as I practiced.  After the rest of the competitors finished, the one of the experienced judges announced the winners.
"It was a hard decision this year." she started. "So many outstanding competitors, but we three have all come to the same conclusion."
"There are four places on our Regional Competitive team.  The first spot goes to our own Innerstar U student Katie Smith!"  Judge number two declared over loud applause for Katie, who stepped up for her medal and certificate with a flashy smile.
"Spot number two we are pleased to give to Chrissa Edwards from Captain Gymnastics!"  Hearing this, I happily screamed and hugged McKenna, who was next to me.
"Go up and get your medal, Chrissa!  You earned it." my cousin said, giving me a little push.  I bowed to accept the silver medal and certificate, smiling with excitement.
"The third place goes to Amanda Davis!"  A talented black haired girl walked to where Katie and I were standing to receive her spot on the team.  I nervously looked at McKenna.  There was only one place left!
"And the last spot we give to... McKenna Brooks from Orlando Metro Gymnastics!"
McKenna seemed happy enough to scream like I did, but she quietly accepted her medal.  I gave her a hug.
Once we were outside the gym again, Elizabeth immediately pulled out our camera to take pictures of my medal, ...
... my certificate...
... and McKenna and I together.
Mom insisted that my sister got on the other side of the lens, so Elizabeth and I smiled for a picture.  We ran though a drive though to get dinner, because I just couldn't wait until we got home.
At home, I flopped on my soft, comfy bed, glad that I was home.
"Are you going to change out of your new gymnastics uniform before you fall asleep?" Elizabeth inquired.
"No... I'm too tired..." I replied sleepily.  I took a looooooooooong nap, then came downstairs to write this up.
Do you do any thrilling yet exhausting sports?
P.S. On McKenna's blog, she wrote about the tryout too!  Check it out here:


  1. That sounds soooooooooooo cool! And fun! I wish I could have been there! Libby

  2. Congratulations, Chrissa! Great job on making the Innnerstar University team.
    Melody from TN

    1. Thanks, Melody! It didn't come without a lot of practice, though.

  3. Great job, Chrissa. Congratulations!

  4. awesome! :) Congrats Chrissa and McKenna!!!!!

  5. When do practices for the team start, Chrissa?

  6. I do Soccer, dance, baton, swim, and (my personal favorite).. Gymnastics!


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