Friday, April 24, 2015

Strawberry Picking!

Hi all!  Yesterday, Mom took Georgia and I strawberry picking!  Elizabeth would have come, but she had schoolwork to do.  Blea.
 If you didn't know it already, I just LOVE strawberries, so I was super excited!
 We grabbed a carton and headed out to the fields.
 "Oo, this one looks good!" I said, grabbing another strawberry.
 Georgia had carrying duty.
 Aren't strawberries just delicious looking?
 "This little flower is pretty." Georgia commented.
 "I like looking at the strawberries better." I said.  "Maybe that flower will become a strawberry!  Though pollination and bees and stuff."
"Hmm . . . I guess it's possible." Georgia replied.
 Actually, we were kind of late in the strawberry season, so there weren't as many as if we went in, say, February.
 But that doesn't mean there weren't some beauties!
 If you can tell by the bright, harsh sunlight, the day was super hot.
"Alright, girls, let's go pick some blueberries now." Mom said.
"Huh?" I said. "I thought we were here to pick strawberries."
"Weren't you paying any attention in the car?" Georgia questioned me. "Strawberries aren't the only fruit around."
"It's the best one!"
"Sure, sure." Georgia may have rolled her eyes like a annoying older sister, but I'm hoping for the best. "Let's go."
 However, it was nice and shady.
 And blueberries are pretty.  Not as nice as strawberries, though.
 "Let's pick some blueberries." Georgia said, handing me the carton.
 "This one looks good." my sister said.
 Look at all those yummy berries!
Have you ever been berry picking?
P.S. For those of you who are curious, Elizabeth will update soon!  She has lots of schoolwork and is trying get it all.  Homeschooling isn't all fun and games.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Odd Happenings . . .

 Hello, lovely readers!
 This afternoon, after I had finished with school, I sat down to read a book that my friend had recommended and lent to me.  I finished it before dinner, and enjoyed the book.  I was inspired to do a little writing of my own - a blog post.  What to write, though, seemed more difficult to choose.

 Isn't Sugar so cute?  Anyway, I didn't, at the time, have a good reason to do a blog post (other than that I wanted to).  Nothing particularly strange had happened.
"Elizabeth!  Elizabeth!"

I thought it must be dinner time, but before I got off the couch Chrissa ran into the room.
 "Elizabeth, I need to talk to you." she said.
"About what?"
"About ... well, I'll just have to explain it.  So, like three minutes ago I was coming down the stairway, and there was a knock on the door, so I opened the door, and there was this girl who only came up to my elbow, but she looked like a high schooler!  And was like, super thin too."
This description didn't seem to be that strange to me. "That's not altogether uncommon, Chrissa.  Why was she knocking on the door?"
 Chrissa scratched the back of her neck. "She's our new neighbor, I guess."
 "What did she say?" I asked, even more confused. "Didn't she say something?"
"Um, yea, but I don't think I really understood what she was talking about.  She was nice and kind of bubbly (if you know what I mean), but she said something about living on a bookshelf temporarily, and something about being a doll? I really didn't get it."
While she was talking, something fell out of her back pocket.
"What's that?" I asked.
Chrissa had the strangest look on her face.  "I don't know ..."
Oh - I just realized that I don't have any more time to write!  We take turns on the computer, and I need to get off.
I'll update you soon!