Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Walk and a Photo Shoot

 Hello, lovely readers!  This chilly afternoon, Chrissa and I bundled up and took our dogs, Chocolate Chip and Sugar, on a walk around the neighborhood.
 What do you think of Chrissa's new, orange sweater?  Mother made it for her.
 We chatted as we walked, enjoying the nippy weather.
 Even our dogs donned their coats, which I made, against the cold.
 "I can't wait for it to snow!" my impatient sister exclaimed. "I really want a white Christmas.  And I can't wait to see Libby and Marie!  It's been ages since I last saw them."
"Very true." I agreed, smiling at the thought.
"Okay, we're back at Nana's house.  I'm going to run inside and sit by the fireplace." Chrissa said.  "What about you?"
"Because the lighting is perfect, I think I will take Caroline and Beth out here for a photo shoot."  I did just that.
 Caroline is a beautiful doll.
 Her curly blond hair, her aquamarine eyes...
 ... and her gorgeous, soft, pink dress.  I am very happy with her.
 She and Beth actually look rather similar.
 Beth forgot her shoes!
 The slowly setting sun created a lovely halo in their hair.
 I think this is my favorite picture of my new doll.
What do you think of Caroline?


  1. I love the new sign offs or what ever the things are after a post

  2. She's gorgeous!!! And as usual, AMAZING photography! This is my favorite blog!!!!

    1. Meghan,
      Thank you for your encouraging comment - it really lifted our spirits. People like you make blogging a joy!

  3. I love your pictures! I wish my photography was that good! Your blog is awesome Saltys!
    ~Jlove for

  4. Neat photo shoot and walk. Love the little dogie coats - good job making them; just adorable. Carolyn is really pretty.

  5. caroline is beautiful. is beth mini elizabeth

    1. thanks & beth looks a lot like you elizabeth.

  6. Great shoot! Love the doggie coats.


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