Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Walk in the Park

 Hi all!  Life has been a little cray-cray lately, so I am glad to be able to post again.  We are now in Colorado (and have been so since June 5).  This walk actually happened a couple weeks ago while we were still in Nebraska, but you can enjoy it all the same!
 After a yummy picnic dinner (that included the watermelon you see here), Nana, Papa, Mom, and Dad talked while my sisters and I walked around the park. 
 Georgia took the lead as we enjoyed the setting sun and soft light.
 Marching forward. :^)
 Along the path, we found some beautiful purple flowers.  They smelled like rain.
 "Come on, it would be fun!" I tried to convince my reluctant sisters.
"Don't you think we're a little old for tag?" Georgia said.
"I don't know, Chrissa." Elizabeth sighed.
"You know you want to!  Please?"
"Oh, very well."
 "Look out behind you, Chrissa!" Georgia warned as Elizabeth reached out to tag me.
"Georgia!" Elizabeth laughed as I bounded away. "I almost had her!"
 "Now where did she go?" Elizabeth said.  Little did she know I had climbed the tree.
 I laughed quietly - or so I thought!  Elizabeth squeezed my foot and smiled. "You're It!"
 After we finished our game, we walked over to a petite, pretty plot of daises.
How do you like to enjoy a summer's eve?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Liberty and Chrissa's Frozen Birthday Party

Hello, lovely readers!  We have had such a wonderful time with our cousins, I didn't want to take a break to post.  Marie-Grace, Jewel and Liberty left two days ago, sadly.
But Liberty and Chrissa's joint birthday was lots of fun!  Chrissa invited our cousins Victoria, McKenna, and Kit, while Liberty invited her friends Addy, Jubilee, and Sarah.
Since Chrissa's birthday, as you know, was May 14th and Liberty's birthday is June 11th, the two of them wanted to have a party while we were together.
All the guests were asked to come dressed as their favorite Frozen character.  When we had all assembled, proper introductions followed for those of us who didn't know each other.  We also tried to guess who was which character.
"Are you dressed as Elsa?" Georgia asked Jewel.
"Yes, I am.  Are you Anna?"
"Yes!  How did you guess?"
"Your two braids speak for themselves." Jewel replied.
I turned to Marie-Grace. "What character are you?"
"I'm just one of the ladies from the coronation scene." Marie explained.
"Really?" Victoria asked. "So am I!"
"Good to see you again, Kit!" Jubilee said.
"It's interesting to make your acquaintance at this gathering." Kit replied while raising her eyebrows and winking at her.  
"I like your nose, Kit." Chrissa commented.
"Thank you.  I made the whole costume myself in my sleep."
McKenna, who overheard, coughed.  
Kit grinned. "McKenna may have helped a little."  Then she leaned over to Chrissa and whispered, "Or maybe not at all."
"Uh, can Chrissa and I open presents now?" Liberty requested.
"That sounds fine to me." Chrissa agreed.
We all sat down to watch the birthday girls open their gifts.
"Please, open the gifts from us first, Chrissa." Marie-Grace said.
"Sounds good!"
"Frozen headphones?  Awesome!" Chrissa exclaimed.  "And what's this?"
"It's a game I made." Jewel said. "On each of the cards is a little story, and each player is dealt three cards.  The rest of the cards are left in a stack.  On your turn, you either draw a new card and discard one you don't want or you trade with another player.  The goal is to be the first player to have a coherent story."
"Cool!  Could we play it after we finish with the gifts?" Chrissa asked.
A chorus of "Sure!" and "That sounds fun!" came from the guests.
"Thank you, Gardeners!" Chrissa said.
"You're welcome." Marie-Grace, Jewel, and Liberty replied.
"Libby, will you please open the gift from us next?" Georgia offered.
"Is this what I think it is?" Liberty said.
"If you think that it's an Olaf shirt, then you're right!" Chrissa said.
"Yay!  Now I can match you, Rissa!"
"Isn't it great? Elizabeth made it!" Chrissa replied.
"Thanks Edwards!" Liberty said.
"You're welcome." Georgia, Chrissa and I replied.
"Here - this is from Addy, Sarah and I." Jubilee said to my sister.
"What a fabulous snowman bucket!" Chrissa said happily.
"I know it's not Olaf, but -" Addy began.
"It's wonderful!" Chrissa assured her. "We can use it to vote for costume contest winner."
"There's a contest?!" Kit exclaimed. "Things just got way more interesting."
"Yea, I forgot to tell you." Chrissa said. "Okay, so for each character we will have a winner.  So there will be a winner in the Elsa category, the Olaf category, the Anna category, and so on.  Everyone gets to vote once in each category."
"When are we going to vote?" Sarah asked with her lovely British accent.
"After the game."
We all played Jewel's story game, and then had a snack of sandwiches and blizzard punch.  While we were eating the guests voted for the costume contest winners.  Then we all went outside to the photo both.
First we took a group picture.  From left to right: (back row) Jewel, me, Victoria, Liberty, Chrissa, Kit, Jubilee, (front row) Sarah, McKenna, Georgia, Addy, and Marie-Grace.
Do you see the baby that Addy is holding?  That's her new little sister, Emily.  She was sleeping most of the party.
Jewel, Sarah and I were dressed as Elsa.  I was "Colonial" Elsa and Sarah was "Modern" Elsa.  Jewel won (the winner is always in the center).
Victoria, Addy, and Marie-Grace were Coronation guests, Addy being the winner in this category.
Jubilee, Kit, and Chrissa were dressed as Olaf.  Kit won.
Georgia and McKenna were Anna, and Georgia came out victorious.
Since Liberty was the only one dressed as Sven, she won that character.
Here are the  "Polaroid" pictures from the photo both.
Me, Elizabeth,
Addy (and Emily!),
And finally, McKenna.
What is your favorite birthday party memory?