Tuesday, January 7, 2014

"Snow" Much Fun!

 Hi all!  Okay, so maybe I'm five days late in doing this post (it happened on Thursday), but I'm sure you'll still enjoy it just as much.  Anyway, it snowed in Aurora on Wednesday night, so before breakfast Marie-Grace, Elizabeth, Liberty, and I all just knew that we had to go outside.
"Let's go sledding!" Libby shouted on her way out the door.
"Let's build a snowman!" I added. 
 Elizabeth and Marie were pulling the sleds, so they went first.

 Doesn't that look like fun?
 Of course, Libby and I wanted our turn, so we slipped down the hill next.  We all took a few more turns.
 "Liberty and Chrissa, Marie-Grace and I are going to search for a safe place for her to ice skate." Elizabeth told the two of us.
 "Okay!" Libby replied. "I think Chrissa and I are going to put the sleds back, and then make a snowman!"
 "Yep!" I agreed. "See you back at Nana's house!"
 "This snow is so soft, it's hard to roll." I said, patting the snow into a ball (or attempting to).
 "I know, right?" my fruzzie agreed.
 We found some sticks for arms...
 ... and berries for eyes.  Then we hurried inside, because we both we freezing! 
Nana made delicious cinnamon rolls, which Libby and I devoured, unlike Elizabeth and Marie-Grace (but even they ate more quickly than normal).
Do you enjoy frolicking in snow?


  1. How cute! I wish we had snow to play in!

  2. Hey did you win that one (real) ag mag contest for making up the word fuzzie
    Did you get it from the mag

    1. Libby and I saw it in the magazine, and thought it was the perfect way to describe our friendship.

  3. Looks like a great afternoon. Hope you stayed warm while outside.

  4. Looks like you all had fun. It's snowed 4 times this winter!!! Crazy. Lexi and I love laying in the snow, but the snow has only gathered on the ground once this year. Where did you guys get your cool scarfs? Love the snowman, Chrissa
    Melodie from TN

    1. Melodie:
      Elizabeth crocheted all of those scarfs, believe it or not! Aren't they fun?

    2. Cool Chrissa. Melody sort of guessed as much. She's made scarfs for our cousins.
      Lexi from TN (Melody's sister)

  5. How fun! My dolls go to Innerstar U too!


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