Saturday, December 21, 2013

A Day with Libby and Marie-Grace

 Hi all!  Last night, Mom and Dad dropped us off at Libby and Marie-Grace's (our cousins) house in Ord, where we spent the night.
 Since they got up earlier, Elizabeth and Marie-Grace made us waffles and strawberries (!!!!) for breakfast.
 "What do you want to do today, Rissa?" my fave cousin asked.  "We can't make mud pies like we did last time." (
"What about a fashion show?" I suggested.  "Elizabeth brought all her new fancy dresses."
"Sure, why not?"
 I tried on Cecile's Parlor Outfit, which Julie and Saige gave my sister for Christmas before we left, and Libby donned Caroline's Travel Outfit.
"Let's pretend to tap dance!" I said exuberantly.
"But I don't know how to tap dance!" Libby protested.
"I said 'pretend'." I assured her.
 Next, I threw off my previous ensemble, which Libby had a turn with, and put on Marie-Grace's (not my cousin's) Skirt Set...  
 ... Libby wore it, while I took Caroline's Travel Outfit to try on.
 The whole time, Elizabeth and Marie caught up with all "the news".
 Returning to our normal outfits, we sat in a line: Libby, Me, Marie-Grace, then Elizabeth to do each other's hair.
"Shall we all brave the cold weather for a photo shoot out of doors?" Marie wondered.
"That sounds like a most lovely idea!" Elizabeth agreed. 
"Totally!" I commented.
"Sure, why not?" was Libby answer.
 (By the way, I just LOVE this picture.  It's AMAZE!)  First of all, Marie-Grace, ... 
 ... then my sister, ...
 ... my fave fruzzie (friend + cousin) Libby, ...
... and finally, me.
Next, we took some pics in pairs.  Isn't fun how Libby and I have matching outfits?
Marie-Grace and Elizabeth in their semi-matching coats.  I spent a awesome day with my cousins!
Are you close to your cousins (if you have any,that is)?


  1. I say this one everyone of your posts! You have gorgeous photos! This is my favorite blog! Keep it up! :D

    -Meghan at

  2. Hi!
    Gorgeous photos!
    I have a question!
    My 4 1/2 cousin liked dolls. Should I get her a Bitty Baby?

    1. Itsadollworld, to answer your question, I would suggest considering her personality, and whether she would really enjoy a Bitty Baby; and if so, for how long. Hope this helps!

  3. The pictures outside are beautiful!!!

  4. Thank you all for the comments! We greatly appreciate them.

  5. Hello Elizabeth and Chrissa! I would like to give you an award for having such an awesome blog! I love the way that you write! You have an awesome blog/life! Thank You for telling others about your awesome life!!!
    (The link for the award.You may have to copy and paste to get to it.)
    Thank You!!!

  6. Cool photos. Hope you guys are having a great vacation. Merry Christmas!
    Melody and Alexis from TN

  7. Marie-Grace's hair is just flawless! I will have to test this style on my own Marie-Grace doll!


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