Thursday, October 9, 2014

At the Park!

 Hi all!  Yesterday evening, Elizabeth, Georgia and I walked to the neighborhood park.
 "I've got my towel - and the camera." I said to my sisters, who were waiting by the door.
"Great!" Georgia replied. "Let's go to the park!"
"Wait - we need to tell Mother that we're going." Elizabeth wisely injected. "I'll meet you on the sidewalk."
We agreed, and Mom told us to be back in half an hour.
 Once we arrived at the park, we laid down our towels on the rough grass.  The sun rested its golden rays on us as it set.
"This is lovely." Elizabeth sighed as she carefully sat down on her towel. "I only wish it would cool down."
 "Yea." I agreed, laying down and closing my eyes. "I wish Florida weather would at lest pretend to be fall.  I mean, it was seriously like 85 degrees or something earlier!"
Changing the subject, Georgia asked, "So - what are you planning to wear for Halloween?"
"I don't know if I'm going to go trick-or-treating this year." Elizabeth said.
"What?! Why?" I asked, shocked. "Do you think you're to old for it or something?"
"I don't know." she thoughtfully replied.
"You shouldn't let the culture tell you who you can or can't do." Georgia said. "If you don't want to, that's one thing, but just because you're in high school doesn't mean you can't trick-or-treat."
"Definitely!" I agreed. "I say if you want to, why not?"
"Well, none of my friends are going, and I wouldn't want to bother either of you." Elizabeth started.
"What the lime peels, Elizabeth!" I interrupted. "You wouldn't be bothering us!"
"We would love to have you with us." Georgia added.
"Thank you, you both are wonderful." Elizabeth smiled. "I just want to think it through a little more."
"Hey - doesn't that look like a rocket trail?" I asked, pointing to the sky.
Elizabeth and Georgia craned their necks up at the sky.
"Just lay down already." I said. "You know you want to."
They did.
"You're right, Chrissa - this is nice." Georgia closed her eyes, forgetting about the rocket trail.  After we three laid down for a minute, we all slowly sat back up and kept talking.
"Well," said Elizabeth, "do either of you have any ideas for your costumes?"
"Whatever I do, I want to wear a trench coat." I said.  My sisters started laughing.  I smiled, but still asked "What?"
"In Florida?" Georgia asked. "You know how hot it gets.  Besides, were would you get a trench coat?"
"That doesn't matter!"
"Err, it kind of does." Elizabeth said, still laughing.  I joined in, and soon we all were laughing so hard that we were gasping for breath.  And what I said wasn't even that funny!
I guess that's one of the fun things about sisters.  You can laugh with each other, not at each other.
"Well, I'd like to go as a fashion designer, or maybe some kind of princess." Georgia commented while twirling a strand of her hair after we had recovered our breath.
We all talked for awhile longer, and then Elizabeth suggested that we walk around the park a little.  Georgia and I agreed.
I took some pictures of the grass by the fence.
This spot made me think of a tiny riverbed.
"What the lime peels!  Isn't this way cool?" I asked my sisters, pointing to leaves that almost looked transparent because of the sun.
"Fascinating." Georgia said, reaching out one finger to touch it. "This gives me a design idea ..."
"I'm afraid we need to go home now." Elizabeth sighed.
We grabbed our towels, and headed home for dinner.
How do you like to spend time in the outdoors?
P.S. What do you all think of Elizabeth's whole trick-or-treating situation?  I know some of you don't celebrate it, and that's fine.  I'd like everyone's opinion.


  1. These pictures of you all at the park are adorable! :)
    And as for Elizabeth trick-or-treating; I think it's up to her. I know I've always quite preferred handing out candy instead of collecting it. That's the great thing about Halloween; you can do what suits you. I don't think she should not go though, because she's afraid of bothering Georgia and you, Chrissa. :)

  2. Cute! What the lime peels! Elizabeth doesn't want to go trick or treating!?!?! :0 Is Georgia a new doll that you pretended didn't want to be on the blog or, is she actually you sister's doll?

    1. Um, she's our sister! Didn't you see this post:

  3. We do not celebrate Halloween. We have a New Year's Eve costume party instead. I have never noticed the Biltmore shirt Elizabeth is wearing. Did you make that or buy it at Biltmore?

    1. Libby-
      She bought the "Biltmore" icon as an iron-on, and made the shirt.

  4. If Elizabeth doesn't want to go Trick-or-Treating, then she shouldn't, but if she thinks she would be left out, then the family should do something else. For instance, we don't celebrate Halloween, but on November 1, we celebrate All Saints Day. We dress up as someone from history and look for candy in our house. It's really fun! The dolls are so pretty! :)


  5. Lovely photo story! :) We don't celebrate Halloween.

  6. We get a lot of high school age trick or treaters at our house. Some have great costumes, some are kind of lame, others do themes (fruit bowl, crayons, etc.) If I could, I'd still go - instead I dress in costume to greet and give treats. Unfortunately, this year I have a dress rehearsal on Halloween night. I'll still dress, but the house will have to be kept dark. :(

    1. Dress rehearsal for what?

    2. Fall choir concert. We are doing the Mozart Requiem on November 1. The dress rehearsal is to put everything together with the soloists and organ/orchestra.

    3. What are you doing in the show?

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you, McKenna! I liked you latest blog post.

  8. I love that picture of the leaves!!:)


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