Friday, December 6, 2013

My Birthday Dress is Done!

 Hello, lovely readers!  As you can see from the title, Mother finally finished the dress she promised me for my birthday.  I am so pleased with it!
 The dainty sleeve, ...

 ... full view...
 ... and the neckline.  What do you think of it?  You know that I am very happy with it.  Chrissa does not understand why I like it so much.
"Maybe if I were playing pretend, or something, I would wear it.  But for every day use? I don't think so." she said.  "Don't get me wrong, it's very pretty and all, but just not my style."
Laughing, I replied "Chrissa, it's my style.  You should just accept that I'm not a 'trendy' girl."
"I know, I know."
Do have any homemade clothes?
P.S. If you don't remember my promised gift, Mother gave it to me in this post: Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!


  1. I love the dress. It's so you. Mom makes clothes for me and Lexi sometimes. Where do you usually buy your materiel?
    Melody from TN

    1. Melody,
      I most often buy fabric from Joann's craft store. The one closest to us contains a massive selection.
      ~Elizabeth Grace

    2. Cool. We usually get ours from Hobby Lobby.


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