Friday, May 31, 2013

What we did this week

Happy last day of May!  On Sunday Chrissa and I drove up to Ord to stay at our cousin's farm.  Before we went, Chrissa and I bought her a gift for her birthday.  Liberty's real birthday is on June 11th, we're celebrating it now since we won't be there then.  Liberty is also giving Chrissa her birthday gift.
 Here we are all together with the gifts at her house.
Liberty gave Chrissa a book, paper dolls that she made herself, knitting needles, and yarn.
We gave Liberty a AG magazine, Mini Mysteries 3, Gigglets, Tricky Doodles, and a bag.  Then Liberty, Chrissa and I all headed to bed.  On Monday morning, our sweet cousin made us breakfast in bed.  After that Chrissa said,
"You know the thing that I have always wanted to do in the country?  Make mud pies!"

"Mud whats?" I said.
"Mud pies." Chrissa replied.
"I've got the bucket!" Liberty said. "Even if Elizabeth doesn't want to go with you, I do."  So, Chrissa and Liberty went outside and made mud pies.
On Tuesday we mostly just ran around the farm, and at around 5:30 pm we drove home.  Wednesday Chrissa and I went to the Arch, a museum over Interstate 80.  Here are some photos from there:
 In the museum...
 Me: Those aren't real, Chrissa.  Chrissa: But they look so good!
We thought of buying these cow seeds, but I didn't think we had room in our suitcases to bring them home.
Here's the whole museum.  I thought we would just be looking at a couple artifacts while gazing out the window. But this was really cool!  If you ever get to (or live in) Nebraska, you should check this out.  Yesterday and today we didn't do that much.  And that's our week.  How was yours?

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Summer plans

One thing's for sure: These travelers aren't going to be board this summer! 
First, Elizabeth and I flew to Nebraska to stay with our Nana.  We'll also get to see our cousin, Liberty.  After two weeks, we'll drive to Colorado to stay with Kit and McKenna for two months.  Then, we'll drive to Yellowstone National Park and stay there for a week.  After that, Elizabeth and I will drive to Seattle, WA for three days(and hopefully go to the American Girl store there); then fly home to Florida on August 6th.
What are you doing this summer? We have a full, crazy schedule! 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Flying to Nebraska

Today Chrissa and I flew to Nebraska.  At eleven o'clock this morning, we left the house for the airport.  We checked a bag, waited though security, headed for our gate, and with time to spare, climbed aboard the plane.  I chose the window seat.

Chrissa came to look at the view.
 I love watching the plane take off, but unfortunately our plane was running late.  By the time we landed, Chrissa and I had very little time to catch the connecting flight.  We raced through the airport and nearly missed our plane!  Other than that, we had a nice trip.  We arrived safely in Nebraska at 6:00 and picked up our checked bag.  Nana picked us up thirty minuets later and took us to McDonald's for dinner (since we didn't eat on the aircraft).
Have you ever flown on a plane?

Monday, May 20, 2013

Chrissa's Bithday Party

Sorry Elizabeth and I haven't posted lately- various things kept us.  Anyway, I had my birthday party last Saturday.   I wish all of you could have joined me.  It was lots of fun!
Who did come? Izzy and Felicity, neighbor girls, Samantha, Nellie, and Sydney, my new friends from school, Julie, McKenna and Kit, my cousins, and of course Elizabeth.
Here is the party table.  Do you like the doggie place mats?  First we all sat in a circle and said our name(since everyone didn't know each other), our favorite color, our dog's name and breed, and how we knew me (Chrissa).  Then we played two games: a relay and hide and go seek Frisbee tag.
In this photo we're about to play the relay game.  We split into two teams.  Each team had to clean a dog and each person had a job in doing that.  Then we played Hide and go seek Frisbee tag.  After all that running around, everyone was glad to sit down for some cake.
Elizabeth brought out the cake and lighted the candle.  Then all my gusts started singing.
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Chrissa! Happy Birthday to you!"
"Make a wish!" Izzy said.  I smiled.  I wished. I blew out the candle.  Slowly, Elizabeth sliced the cake.
"This is a great cake, Elizabeth!" Kit said with her mouth stuffed full of food.
"It's delicious!" Nellie agreed.  After we had cake, I opened presents.   First I opened Julie's gift.  She gave me a mini bean bag for my doll, and a Felicity paper doll set.
"Wow! Thanks Julie!" I said.
"This gift is from both of us." Izzy said, handing me a gift bag.  I pulled out the tissue paper, and saw the present: a bowl of candy!
"Thanks Izzy and Felicity!" I said.
Then I opened the rest of the gifts.  McKenna gave me a travel bag, Kit's gift was a book that she wrote about gymnastics, and Elizabeth gave me pajamas's for my doll.
But the best gift was just spending time with almost all of my friends.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's My Birthday!

Today is my BIRTHDAY!!
After a yummy breakfast of croissants, Elizabeth said I could open a present.
"Thanks Elizabeth! This scarf and hat adorbs!" I said.  I tried it on.
So cute!  Then I took a shower and got dressed.  Elizabeth did two French Braids in my hair.  I played a game with Kit and McKenna.  After that Elizabeth, who is the main cook, made lunch. We ate lunch, and then more presents!

"Why don't you open the bag?" Elizabeth suggested.

Two headbands and a pony-tail holder set!
"Thanks, Elizabeth!" I said.
"Here is a gift that I know you will like." Elizabeth said, handing me a gift that looked familiar...
I tore it open,
 "IT'S FELICITY!!!! YAAAA!!!" I yelled.
 "She is so pretty! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"
"I'm glad you like her." Elizabeth said, smiling.
"LIKE HER?! I LOVE HER!" I yelled. "I'm going to take her to the park for  a photo shoot."

Yseterday with Kit and McKenna

Yesterday my cousin, Kit, and her sister, McKenna, flew down from their home in CO to see us.
"Hi!" McKenna said. "It's been ages since we last saw you!"
"I'm so glad you could come and stay with us!" Chrissa gushed.  After everyone had had their fill of hugs, Chrissa and I helped McKenna and Kit bring their bags upstairs.
"Is everything OK, Chrissa?" I asked gently; because the almost birthday girl looked sad.
"Oh! I forgot something in the car." McKenna exclaimed. "I'll be right back."
"You don't think we would forget your presents, did you?" Kit laughed.
It was then that I noticed that Kit had broken her arm.  Chrissa did too.
"What happened to your arm?" Chrissa and I said at the same time.
"Knowing you, you probably broke it doing some crazy move." Chrissa laughed.
"I did, in fact.  Before dinner last week, I tried to do the Thirty-two Double Triple Flip on my bike.  When I was about to land it, McKenna yelled 'Dinner Time!' and I fell on my arm."  Kit explained.
"Good thing you had your helmet on." I said. "You are probably hungry after the long plane flight.  Come into the kitchen and I'll give you a snack."
There the talk moved to pets.
"Guess what?" McKenna said.
"I got a new dog! A Bernese Mountain dog, who I named Rocky."
"Awesome! I love dogs." Chrissa said.
"McKenna and I brought our American Girl dolls.  Do you want to play with them?" Kit asked.
"Yes!" Chrissa said.
"That sounds great." I agreed.
"Do you like the pony tail I put in Mackenzie's hair?" McKenna asked.

 "Look! Ruthie is doing a handstand!" Kit said.

"I wish I had Felicty" Chrissa said. "Not that I don't like Nellie, but Felicty is so pretty.  And she has long hair."
Little did Chrissa know that her wish would come true today...

Monday, May 13, 2013

Photo editing on Picmonkey

Hi all!  Elizabeth's cousin (not Taffy) Kit and sister McKenna flew from CO to stay with us until my birthday party on Saturday. Elizabeth will no doubt post about it tonight. Yesterday I had lots of fun editing some pictures on Picmonkey!  Here are a few of my faves.