Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Blog Button and New Doll Clothes

 Hi all!  As you can see from the title, Elizabeth and I decided to make a blog button!
What do you think?  We agreed that this picture was the best one of both of us, so we used it for the photo.  If time allows, I'll stick it on the side bar after I finish this post.  If any of you have blog buttons, and would like us to put them on our blog, just tell us below in the comments!
 Also, I made some clothes for my dolls that actually worked! 
 I'd made some before, but they fell apart.
 Best of all, I didn't have to sew a stitch, because I used My Froggy Stuff's "No Sew Dress" video (the old one).
Feeling adventurous, I tried levitation photography with Nellie!  What do you think?
Do you have a blog button?

Monday, January 27, 2014

A Dress Discovery

 Hello, lovely readers!  Chrissa and I are now back from Daytona Beach, and won't be traveling for a while, which makes both of us happy.
 I was finishing unpacking, ...
 ... when I saw something pushed into the back of my closet.

 I gently pulled it out, ...
 "Chrissa!" I called to my sister, who was also unpacking her bag.  "Remember this dress?"
"Oh, yea!  You got it when we visited Colonial Williamsburg!"  Chrissa said.  "Hey, you should try it on."  I took my sister's advice, and was pleased to see that it still fit.  I asked Chrissa if she would take a few pictures of me wearing it, and she said yes.  Here are our favorites:

Have you ever been to Colonial Willamsburg?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Movies, Swimming and Cousins!

 Hi all!  Can I tell you something funny?  Our cousins, Kit and McKenna, are staying in Daytona Beach too, but we didn't know that each other were here until we saw each other's blog posts!  Since our hotels were not that far apart, our parents arranged for us to meet at the hotel my family is staying at yesterday.
 "Hey, Chrissa!  I haven't seen you in a long time!" Kit greeted me with a hug.
"Defiantly!" I returned the hug.
"So, what do you want to do?" my crazy cousin asked.
 "What about if we made videos, staring us?" I suggested.
"That's a great idea!"
"I'll go get my camera."  We made several awesome videos, but unfortunately blogger would not let us upload them.  :(  After that, we decided to go swimming.
 Elizabeth ...
 ... and McKenna laid on the pool deck.
 With a splash, Kit dove into the deep, blue water.
 I joined her, and we had a race (or two).
 "I think I might join you; that looks like fun." my sister said, pulling off her cover-up.
"Do you want to come in, McKenna?" I asked.
"Not right now."
 Kit, Elizabeth and I swam until our moms told us it was time to head in.
 "Okay, I'm coming." I said, climbing out of the water.
All in all, Elizabeth and I spent a wonderful afternoon making videos and swimming with our cousins.
Do you like making movies with your friends?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

An Afternoon on the Beach

 Hello, lovely readers!  After Chrissa and I had finished our schoolwork, and eaten lunch, we decided to spent this afternoon on the beach. 
 First, we spread our towels on the sand like one would spread jelly on bread.  And we talked.  After a little while...
"Hey, I think I'm going to make a sandcastle now." Chrissa said, sitting up.
"I think I will go beach-combing for shells." I replied.
 While she was building her castle of sand, Chrissa enjoyed the view of the beach ...
 ... and decided to kick off her flip-flops.  
 When I returned with shells in hand, my sister and I walked down to the water and cautiously stepped into the cold ocean.
 I snapped a picture of one of the many seagulls flying over the water.
 After we had waded for a while (and getting more than our feet wet), Chrissa and I returned to our hotel room.
 Later, when I saw that the sun was setting, I hastened to take a photo.
Then Chrissa, who was outside as well, grabbed our camera and snapped the above picture.
Do you like to visit the beach?

Monday, January 13, 2014

In Daytona Beach

 Hi all!  After church yesterday afternoon, my family drove up to Daytona Beach for Dad's work for two weeks, but we'll come back on the weekends because it's only a hour drive. Since Elizabeth and I are home-schooled, we just brought our work along.
 The hotel room we're staying in has two bedrooms, one for my sister and I and one for our parents.
 Once in our room, I immediately kicked off my shoes, ...
 ... and flopped on the cushy bed.
 Elizabeth, who had just gone outside on the patio, said that I should see the view.

 In my opinion, there's nothing better than looking out your window and seeing the beach.
When you look out your window, what do you see?

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Downton Abby or Duck Dynasty?

 Hello, lovely readers!  As you can see, we are back to our house.  But before I continue, I must warn you that if you have not heard of both of the shows mentioned in the title, some of the humor in this post may not make sense.  Because we had invited Julie over, but she said she couldn't make it, Chrissa and I were pleasantly surprised when she showed up at our door ...
 "Julie!  I missed you so much!" my sister yelled, giving Julie a hug. "Even if we were only gone for a couple weeks."
"I missed you too!  How's gymnastics going?" Julie replied, returning the hug.
"It's going great.  It's funny to think that I go to Innerstar University every Thursday and never see you."
"Hello, Julie." I said happily, walking down the stairs to see my friend.
 "Hi, Elizabeth!  Hey- I've got an idea!  Since it's such a long drive, why don't you come and spent Thursday night at my dorm?" Julie offered.
 "That would be wonderful!  If our parents don't mind, I think Chrissa and I would love too." I agreed.
"Awesome!" Julie exclaimed. "Do you want to watch a movie or something when you come over?"
"Have you ever seen Downton Abby?  It's one of my favorite shows." I explained. "I have the first three seasons on DVD."
"Yes!  Only one episode, though." Julie said, nodding. "Do you want to dress up like those Downton Abby people?  I think you have some dresses that would be perfect."
"Indeed I do."
 In very little time, Julie and I had pulled on some of my dresses.
 I wore Caroline's Holiday Gown, ...
 ... while Julie chose to wear Caroline's Travel Dress.
 We were in the middle of a reenactment when Chrissa bust into the room.
 "Hey- enough Downton Abby!  Let's watch Duck Dynasty!" she said, holding a soft drink can. "What?" she added, because Julie and I were both starring at her.
"Chrissa, you just interrupted a very sad moment." Julie said, still starring.
"The thing about Downton Abby is that no matter when I interrupted, something sad would be happening."  Chrissa stated.  "Downton Abby is just too depressing.  That's a fact, Jack!"  
"So perhaps we should watch something that we all would enjoy." I suggested.
"What would that be?  Downton Dynasty?" Julie asked, making us all laugh.
Who, or what, makes you laugh?