Thursday, March 27, 2014

At the Lake Park

 Hi all!  This afternoon, our Grandparents took us to a beautiful park situated next to a lake.
 Unfortunately, just as we pulled into the parking lot, it started to rain.
"This is annoying." I commented.
"It does not appear to be a heavy shower; hopefully the rain will let up in a little while." Elizabeth replied.  True to her word, the rain did stop, so we ventured outside.

 "What do you want to do?" I asked Elizabeth.
"Perhaps a game?"
 "That's a good idea ... since there are so many trees, how about hide-and-seek-tag?  I call hiding first!"
"Very well," Elizabeth laughed, "I'll start counting.  One, two three, ..."  
I quickly hid.  After some searching, my sister found me.  Then, it was my turn to seek.
" ... ready or not, here I come!"  (Cue Mission Impossible music ...)

 Peering around tree after tree, ...
 ... I finally spotted a swish of blue - the color of Elizabeth's skirt!
 In case you didn't know, in hide-and-seek-tag you have to not only find the Hider, but also tag them.
 I was gaining on Elizabeth, but then she suddenly rounded a corner.
"Where can she be going?" I muttered.
 Turns out, the dock.  
 "Wow." I said, forgetting about our game.
 "It is lovely." Elizabeth agreed.
 My sister and I had a great time at the lake-side park.
How do you like to spend time with your siblings (or, if you don't have any, friends)?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

B & C (Beth and Caroline) - a Photo Shoot

 Hello, lovely readers!  This week, Chrissa and I are on spring break, so we are staying with our kind Grandparents at their condo.
 Since the lighting was beautiful, I carried my two dolls, Beth and Caroline, outside for a photo shoot. 

I hope you enjoyed my pictures.
Are you on spring break?

Saturday, March 22, 2014

And the Winner is ...

 Hi all!  So, yes, today our contest ends, and we will announce the winner!  Remember, the first person who answered all our questions correctly won.  And the winner is (drum-roll, please) ...
Congratulations!  Robot, please email us with your address so we can mail you your prize.  If you don't respond by next Saturday, we will pick a new winner.
Thanks to all who entered! 
P.S. Did you like this giveaway?  Would you like us to have another one in the future?  Please tell me in the comments!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A New Name ... Plus a Giveaway!

 Hello, lovely readers!  As you can see above, Chrissa and I have changed the name of our blog to The Salty Breeze, because many people (us included) found The Saltys confusing.  We have considered doing this for a long time, and thought it would be a excellent way to celebrate our blog's birthday.  But we also had something else in mind: a giveaway!
 And yes, we are having a one ...
 ... for this nautical bag that I sewed especially for this purpose.  On the front is an anchor,
 ... while on the back is our new blog name.
In order to win this one-of-a-kind purse, you must answer the following seven (7) scavenger-hunt questions in the comment space below.  The first person to answer them all correctly will win.  All the answers can be found on our blog.

  1. How many posts, including this one, have we written in all?
  2. What is Chrissa's favorite food item?
  3. Which school subject is my (Elizabeth's) favorite?
  4. How many cousins do Chrissa and I have (hint: look on The Founders, Their Family, and Friends)?
  5. State the number of posts labeled "Friends".
  6. What is Chrissa's middle name?
  7. Name one of my favorite colors.
Happy searching!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's Our First Blog Anniversary!

 Hi all!  That's right, today, March 18, is our blog anniversary!  (You know I write in green and Elizabeth writes in pink)
Yes, it is hard to believe Chrissa and I have been blogging for a entire year; we have come so far since that first post.
As apart of our celebration, we prepared two BIG surprises coming tomorrow, including a giveaway!  Stay tuned!
Just for fun, what is your favorite blog post that Chrissa or I have written?  To get us started, mine is either or

Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Walk and American Girl Dolls

Hi all!  I've had a lovely Saturday.  Let me tell you why.
So, after I had finished my chores this morning, I played on my Nook. After lunch, Chocolate Chip, my puppy, was going crazy (basically, it was time for a walk).
 When Chocolate Chip heard me say "walk", her tail wagged furiously!  I hooked up her leash, and we were out the door!
 The sun was shining and the birds chirruping. It's a beautiful day.
 Isn't she the cutest thing?

 I love the camera angle on this one!
 After my dog and I returned, I ran upstairs.
"What are you doing?" I asked my sister, Elizabeth.
 "Oh, Chrissa!" she quickly turned around.  "I just finished a blanket for my dolls."
 "That's so cool!  Speaking of AG dolls, do you want play?" I asked hopefully.
"That is an excellent idea."
 So, Elizabeth reached out and set her dolls, Caroline and Beth, on her lap, ...
 ... and I grabbed Felicity and Nellie, who are mine.
We have had an awesome day, with the prospect of Saturday night pizza later for dinner.  Yum, yum.
How is you favorite way to spend a Saturday?