Monday, December 16, 2013

Our First Christmas Exchange

Hello, lovely readers!  After lunch, my family celebrated a early Christmas, because we are flying to Nebraska tomorrow and did not think it wise to carry all the gifts there and back again.
Our tree was piled high with presents!
"Chrissa, since you are the youngest, why don't you open first?" Mother said.
"Here- please open mine first." I offered, handing my sister a rectangle wrapped in green dog paper.
"What could this be?" Chrissa wondered, tearing off the paper. "O-o, a photo book!  Thanks, Elizabeth!"
"You are welcome." I replied with a smile.  "May I open one now?"
"Of course." Father said.
"How about this one?" Mother suggested, pointing to a red present covered in white polka-dots.  
Picking it up from under our tree, I carefully opened my gift without ripping the paper.
"Just tear it up!" Chrissa said. "Why go to all the work?"
"I save the paper for other useful purposes." I told my sister. "Oh, Mother!  This is so pretty!"
"Do you like it?" Mother asked hopefully.  "I made it."
"It's beautiful." I assured her.  Next, Mother and Father each opened a gift, and then it was Chrissa's turn again.
"Why don't you open this one next?" I suggested.
"Okay, sure." Chrissa replied, grabbing the package and tearing off the paper. "EEEE!!!  The Sweet Sailor dress!  This is ADORBS!  Thanks, Mom and Dad!"
"Once we finish, I am so trying it on." Chrissa sighed happily.  "Here, Elizabeth, open this one." she added, handing me a sparkly red and green bag.
"Very well." I said, untying the bow to reveal a Design Notepad.
"You love to make so many things, " Mother said, "so we thought that this would be a nice place to jot them down."
"Thank you!  I look forward to using it." I happily replied.  "Now I want you to open my gift."  I handed my mother a gift with a cute bow on top, which she opened.
"How lovely!  Thank you, dear." Mother said, giving me a hug. "You know I like mocha's."  Father opened, and once again it was Chrissa's turn.
"What's in here?" my sister asked, shaking the gift next to her ear, then dropping it on her lap to excitedly open. "This is a way cute doll outfit!  I'm going to go get Felicity and try it on her right now!" 

To my surprise, the largest gift under our tree was for me!  I opened it up to disclose...
"Caroline's Travel Dress!  Thank you so much, Mother and Father!" I exclaimed, holding up the fancy dress.  "I am most excited to try it on!"
"You're welcome, sweetheart."  Father and Mother, who had opened all their gifts, said that we could still continue taking turns.
Selecting a slightly lumpy gift, Chrissa sat back down on the couch to open it up.
"Oh wow!  A doll sleeping bag set!" she said happily.  "Thanks!  Hmm, should I use it for Nellie or Felicity..."
"Elizabeth, I think you should open this one next." Father strongly suggested.
"Of course!" I agreed, accepting a large, rectangular present.  My surprise mounted as I peeled back the paper.
"Caroline?" I whispered with wide eyes.
"No way." Chrissa said, looking over my shoulder.
"It's Caroline!" I nearly shouted in my joy. "Oh, she is so beautiful, lovely, and wonderful!  Thank you with all of my heart!"  
"You are very welcome, Elizabeth."  Mother said, smiling with me. "All right, each of you have a few more presents to open."  Chrissa got a second doll bedding set, four Littlest Pet Shop animals ...
... and I received a outfit for my doll, Beth; shimmering gold earrings from Chrissa, yarn, and a purple purse.  
Once all the festive paper was cleared off the floor, Chrissa tried on her new dress.
Here are all (besides the dress) of Chrissa's gifts: two doll bedding sets, a photo book, four Littlest Pet Shops, and a new outfit for Felicity.
I, too, donned my new dress.  I received it, ...
... and the design pad, Caroline(!), a outfit for my dolls, a pink skirt, blue yarn ball, and the purple purse.
It's rather funny, because this year we will have two Christmases!
Do you celebrate Christmas?


  1. We did, yesterday!
    Caroline is really pretty! I still can't believe that I got Emily!

  2. Awesome presents Girls! We just shipped our presents to you today. :) Hope you have a Merry Christmas.
    Melody and Alexis from TN


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