Saturday, January 24, 2015

At the Neighborhood Park

 Hi all!  Things have been pretty busy at our house (with school and everything), so I'm happy to be able to post again!
 No, this picture is not from the park (thank you for asking).  We were staying in a hotel right on Daytona beach and Elizabeth got up early ever morning to enjoy the sunrise.  This was one of my favorites that she took.
Anyway, since Georgia was at a volleyball game and my other sister was reading, I decided to walk down to our neighborhood park.
 I tried to do some stuff on the bars, but it was so windy that it wasn't much fun.  Then, I remembered that a new area had been set up with rocks and a mini waterfall.  The good thing was, it had a little barrier against the wind.
"Oh, this is cold!" I said. sticking my feet in the water.
 "Hmm, maybe it's not that bad ..."
 Luckily for me, no one else was there, so I could be as weird and loud as I wanted.
 "The cold never bothered me anyway!" I sang after my feet had gotten used to the water.  That wasn't completely true, but I couldn't resist the chance to quote Frozen.
 I hope Georgia doesn't mind I borrowed her headband.
 Here you can see a better picture of the water and rocks.

 I had loads of fun outside, but was happy to grab a towel and blanket when I got home.
Are you spending more time outside or inside right now?