Monday, December 9, 2013

Making Christmas Cookies

 Hi all!  This morning after school, Elizabeth and I made some sugar cookies.
 Mom had already made the dough, so I just grabbed the bowl out of our fridge, a cookie pan, cookie cutters, and a rolling pin. 
 This shapeless mound will become mouth-watering cookies...
 Slowly, I rolled that dough flat.
 While I turned on some Christmas music, my sister pressed cookie cutters into what will become sweet, soft sugar cookies.  We took turns rolling dough, pushing in cookie cutters, and dropping them onto the pan, which went straight to the oven.
 "Here, let me help you." Elizabeth said as I carefully lifted the second (or was it third?  We made so many it was hard to keep track!) batch out of the oven.
 For the finishing touch when they were all finished baking, Elizabeth pulled out frosting and I grabbed sprinkles.
 "These cookies are amaze!" I said, happy with me and my sister's work.
"They do look nice." Elizabeth agreed, smiling.
 On this plate, I did the tree, candy cane, and "gingerbread" girl, and Elizabeth decorated the angel, star, and holly.
What are your favorite kinds of cookies?


  1. Cute cookies! They look really good!

  2. I'm coming to your house for some cookies.

  3. Those look yummy. I love sugar cookies.

  4. Great post! The cookies look great. Baking is lots of fun.


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