Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hallowenn Costume Deliberaton

 Hi all! This afternoon, Elizabeth and I were trying to decide what we would go as for Halloween.  Elizabeth thought we should write down our ideas, and I agreed.
 "Chrissa, you should not be eating so many candy corns!" Elizabeth scolded when I sat down with a bowl of the candy.  "We need to save them."
"But the whole point of candy corns is eating them." I argued. "Besides, once you start, it's hard to stop."  Elizabeth didn't look convinced, but she ceased to say anything more on the subject.  Insted, she started writing on her list.
 "Do you have any ideas yet?" I asked.
"Yes, I do." my sister replied. "You could be a surfer."
"O-o, I like it.  But I meant for yourself."
"Not exactly." Elizabeth said, frowning.  Her mood changed, and she quickly jotting something down on her list. For a few minuets, all that could be heard was the scratching of pencils on our paper.
"What do you have?" my sister asked, looking up from her writing-covered list.
 "Well, I could be a surfer, a movie star, a gymnast, or a chef." I read off of my paper.
"And what's on your list?" I questioned Elizabeth.
 "A photographer, a princess, an Egyptian queen, or a cupcake baker is all I have thought of so far." she said.  "I don't believe I would be a photographer,..."
Slowly, Elizabeth and I dicussed and crossed off things off our lists until only one choise remained...
What did we chose?  Find out on Halloween!
What are you planing on wearing on October 31?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

To the Beach!

Hello, lovely readers!  Can you guess were Chrissa and I are?  We are in Hilton Head, South Carolina with our good friends, McKenna (henceforth called "Kenna" so as not to be confusing) and Rebecca Rubin.  Our family has not seen them for at least a year, so we were so excited to be with them again.  We're staying in a condo beach house together, along with our cousins, Kit and McKenna.
Yesterday morning, I woke up, and walked to the patio.  I can see the beach from there!
A little later, Mother called us all for breakfast, which looked delicious.

 It's rather confusing, because Kit and McKenna and Kenna and Rebecca are cousins with each other, so Chrissa and I are second cousins with Rebecca and Kenna.
"Chrissa and I are going to the beach after breakfast. Do any of you wish to go with us?" I asked.
"McKenna and I are going to stay back and work on our gymnastics moves." Kenna said.
"I'd like to come!" Rebecca said.
"What about Kit?" Chrissa asked. "Speaking of Kit, where is she?"
"She's ether at soccer or volleyball game." McKenna said. "I don't remember which one."
"Let's go get our swimsuits on, Elizabeth and Rebecca." Chrissa said. "Are you sure you don't want to come?"
"Yes." McKenna and Kenna agreed.
Rebecca, Chrissa, and I walked to the beach.
"What should we do?" Rebecca asked.
"How about a group picture?" Chrissa suggested. "Before we get wet, of course."
"That's a wonderful idea!" I said.
How do we look?
"Hey, Rebecca" Chrissa said, "do you want to make a sandcastle?"
While they played with the sand, I went on a walk by the ocean and picked up a few shells.
Later, my sister and Rebecca ran down to join me.
Walking on the beach is so refreshing.  Once we had our fill of the surf and the sand, Chrissa, Rebecca and I walked to the pool.

Chrissa and Rebecca went swimming in the clear, blue water.
We spent a lovely day in the ocean and in the pool with Rebecca yesterday.
Which do you like better, the ocean or the pool?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Fall Walk

 Hi all!  Yesterday was our last day in Michigan, so Elizabeth and I went on walk to enjoy the crisp, fall breezes and the crunchy, crackly leaves.
 We raked a pile of leaves in our Grandparent's yard.
 "Look out below!" I shouted, jumping into the pile.
 "This is awesome!"
 "You should try it, Elizabeth!" I encouraged my sister.
"Well...," she said, "Perhaps..."  Deciding against it, Elizabeth just sat down in the leaves.

 "Ah..." we said together, lying down in the dry, orange leaves.

 "Let's continue on our walk." Elizabeth, said, standing up.
 "Yea, you're right." I replied, jumping on my feet.
 On our walk, my sister and I had a nice conversation.
"Fall here is so beautiful." I said, eyeing the trees.
"I completely agree.  Florida's weather is to, well," Elizabeth said, trying to find the right word, "warm."
 "Majestic." Elizabeth breathed, pointing to this tree.  This picture doesn't do the setting justice.  It was breathtaking.
As we walked home, we thought of how blessed our Grandparents were to live in such beauty.  When we arrived home, our parents were in a flurry of packing, and we joined in, even though I wanted to do a blog post ;).  Our family flew back to our Florida home, which was very hot, compared to Michigan.
Are you enjoying cold weather, or hotter like Elizabeth and I?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

An Interesting Day

 (This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but for some odd reason it didn't work.)
Hello, lovely readers!  Today two interesting things happened.  First, Chrissa and I ate out for every meal! And second, Kit and McKenna, our cousins, started their own blog (You can see it at  For breakfast, our family ate at the Original Pancake House, because Father loves their apple pancakes.
 I ordered buttermilk pancakes with a yogurt parfait. 
 Along with her pancakes, Chrissa got a egg, bacon, and orange juice.
 Chrissa posed to show you her new shirt.  Do you like it?  After breakfast, we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house, where I read and Chrissa exercised in the backyard.
"Come on out and play with me!" Chrissa said. "The weather is perfect!"
"I would really like to finish my book." I replied.  "Perhaps once I finish this chapter?"
"You always say that." my sister said unhappily. "See you in two years."
"Chrissa, would you like me to bring my book outside?" I offered.
"Okay" Chrissa sighed.  "I guess that's as good as you'll get."
 For lunch we went to McDonald's.  Nether Chrissa or I remembered to bring the camera, so I just reused this picture.  During the afternoon we spent some quality time with our grandparents, who treated us to dinner at...
 ...Boston Market!  
 Their home-made cornbread is very delicious!
 Chrissa mixed raspberry lemonade and Sprite to create what she called "Think Pink".
We arrived back at the house just in time to pick up the phone.
"Hello, this is Chrissa" my sister said into the phone.
"Hi Chrissa!  This is McKenna, and I just wanted to tell you... I STARTED A BLOG!!!!"  our cousin told Chrissa excitedly.
"WOW! What did you name it?" Chrissa asked.
"The Brooks Adventures.  Please look at it and tell me what you think." McKenna said.  My sister and I did, and we think it's very fun!  Readers, you should check it out too.  Again, their blog address is
So, that was my interesting day.  
Have you every gone at to eat for every meal?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Visit to the Toledo Zoo

Hi all!  As a field trip, Elizabeth and I went to the Toledo zoo yesterday.
 We started on north (bottom) side, in the Arctic Encounter.
"Where are the seals?" I asked.
"Be patient.  You'll see them in a minuet." my sister told me.
 "Good, there one is." I said, snapping a picture.
 The polar bear cubs were very entertaining.  I was standing with my back to the thick glass when Elizabeth suddenly pointed behind me.
"He's right behind you!" she said.  I screamed, and jumped back, only to remember that the polar bear was on the other side of the wall.
Next we stopped at the Africa exhibit.

 Where we rode a educational train ride.

 On our ride, an ostrich walked right next to the fence, when Elizabeth snapped this great picture.
The train ticket included a ride on the carousel.
But instead of boring horses, this zoo carousel let you ride upon many different animals.  I chose the zebra.
We headed to the opposite side of the zoo.
"Smile, Chrissa." Elizabeth encouraged as she raised out camera to her eyes to take a picture.  "It's not working."  Checking the battery power, Elizabeth found that the battery was dead.
"It's dead?" I asked.
"Dead as a doorknob dead." my sister replied, her smile gone.
"We haven't charged the battery for a while." I said. "I should have checked it before we left." I added sadly.  Even though we were without camera battery, Elizabeth and I still had a great time at the Toledo Zoo.
Do you like zoos?
P.S. This is our 100th post!