Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wish - A Photo Shoot

 Hi all!  Guess what - we're in Nebraska!  I wanted to write up a post like, the day we flew in, but unfortunately we lost our camera's SD (memory) card!  All of you who deal with cameras know how important SD cards are.  Thankfully, McKenna, who's family is staying at my Nana and Papa's house too, had an extra one we could borrow for a few pictures.
Since it was so cloudy and cold, I enjoyed a warm cup of apple juice on the bay window, wishing for snow.  I'd finished it by the time Elizabeth took these pictures.

 The next two pictures have some photo-effects.

What's your favorite way to spend a cold, cloudy day?

Saturday, November 8, 2014

My Birthday

Hello, lovely readers!  November 5, last Wednesday, was my birthday!
When I woke up, I was surprised to not to see Chrissa and Georgia in bed.  Normally, I'm the first one up.  Then I remembered: today was my birthday!
"Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!" Georgia said.
"Mom and I made you cinnamon rolls for breakfast this morning." she gestured to the yummy bread.
"Oh, thank -"
"Happy B-day, Elizabeth!" Chrissa shouted, throwing her arms around me.
"Thank you!" I said, laughing. "But you don't need to yell."
"Let's eat, girls.  Your dad needs to get to work." Mother said, guiding us into the dinning room.
After that delicious food, Mother said I could open one of my gifts.
"Which should I open?" I wondered out loud.
"Why not that big white one in the back?" Mother offered.
"Oo, you're going to like this!" Chrissa rubbed her hand together.
"Oh, how pretty!" I said, lifting a sweater out of the box.
"Chrissa and I knew that you wanted a gold sweater to go with your new skirt." Georgia said. "So we told Mom, and well - here it is!"
"Now I want to get dressed, and then I'll do some school-" I started.
"WHAT?!" Chrissa interrupted for the second time. "Why on earth would you want to do school on your birthday?!  You don't even have to!"
(Side note: we are home-schooled, so if we want to have a day, like a birthday, off, we can just work ahead.)
"Well," I replied, "I was going to work on my Globe model, which fun to do.  I don't know about the other subjects, though."
"You did work ahead, Elizabeth." Mother commented. "So I think there's no reason for you to work on your birthday."
Do you like my new sweater?
I did work on my project until lunch, which was at twelve o'clock and fun and fancy.
Following that, Chrissa wanted my to open her gift, so I did.
Then, my grandparents called to wish my happy birthday.
Next I opened a gift bag to find ...
"A Nook?" I asked.
"Don't you like it?" Georgia said. "Considering how much you read, Mom and Dad thought you'd like it."
"Like it?" I laughed. "I love it!  Thank you so much. Mother!  And Father, even though he isn't here."
I quickly started downloading some books. and happily read all afternoon.
After dinner, I finished opening all my gifts.

When ever I pulled up Google Chrome that day, the search engine wished my happy birthday!  It was very nice.
Oh - an update on the Doll Wardrobe Contest.  I did not win, which was not too surprising.  Here is a link to their post of the winners:
What's your favorite way to celebrate?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy Halloween!

 Hello, lovely readers!  It's hard to believe it's November already - October flew by so fast!  Anyway, here are some pictures of our Halloween costumes.  If you follow me on Google Plus, you would have seen Chrissa's already.
 Chrissa is a "Fashion Disaster".  I think she did this on purpose, just to annoy Georgia. 
 Speaking of Georgia, she was "Little Blue Riding Hood" because, as she says, "Red is so last season!"
I was less specific than my two sisters.  When people asked, I said that "I am a Renaissance girl."  I talked in a British accent the whole night - it was so much fun! 

I just wanted to let you all know that my sisters and I agree on the fact that the only thing we tolerate (and like) about Halloween are the costumes (Chrissa said to add the candy also).  None of us like all the gore and celebration of death that it seems to glorify.  Some people do, but we are not included.
What is your favorite part of October - the cool weather, the beautiful colors, or maybe even fall break?