Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!

 Hi all!  Elizabeth and I had a wonderful Christmas, spent with family and friends!
Back in Aurora, Libby, Marie-Grace, Elizabeth, and I gathered around Nana and Papa's tree.
 It was so lovely, decorated in normal Nana style.
 "In what order shall we open our gifts?" my sister wondered.
"I think youngest to eldest is the proper way." Marie answered.
"Yay!  That means I get to go first!" Libby shouted happily.
 Ripping open the gift Elizabeth had wrapped so carefully, Libby plopped the bow on top of her head.
"Very festive." I complemented her.
 "This is adorbs!" my brown-haired cousin shouted when she saw the outfit my sister helped me make.  "Thanks!"
 Next, it was my turn.
 I unwrapped a cute notebook that Libby made herself!  (With MOD PODGE!!)
 McKenna opened a pretty painting from Marie-Grace.
 Next up in line, Samantha found a lovely green dress in her gift box.
 To her delight, Marie received a homemade hat, scarf, and mittens from Elizabeth.
"You wrote that light pink was your favorite color." my sister said.
"It is indeed.  Thank you!"
 Elizabeth, in turn, chose to open a present from Marie-Grace.
 ... Which turned out to be a cute cat calender!  I, myself, prefer dogs, but whatever.  With a gust of cold air, Jubilee and Addy Walker (Libby and Marie-Grace's friends) well, walked in!
 "Sorry we were a bit late." Addy apologized.
"That's alright, that's okay, I'm going to be your boss someday!" Libby sang high-spiritedly.
"Come here, Addy, open this gift." Marie said, handing her friend a neatly-wrapped box.
 "How nice!  A pearl necklace." Addy admired.  "Thank you!"
 Jubilee tossed off the paper of a gift for her, reveling a pink watch.
 For my gift, Marie gave me a stunning gymnastics poster.  I am so going hang it up on my wall (if Elizabeth lets me, that is).
 Even though Addy and Jubilee forget everyone but Marie-Grace's gift, Elizabeth and I had a writing set for them.
 McKenna unwrapped a calender,...
 ... I got a stuffed pug I named "Blossom" ...
 ... And Marie got the AG doll Marie-Grace, ...
 ... who she called "Maria" ...
 ... last but not lest, Elizabeth opened Cecile's Nightwear.  Isn't it pretty?
There was so much paper leftover on the floor, Libby, McKenna, Jubilee and I laid in it!
How did you spend Christmas?


  1. Merry Christmas Chrissa and Elizabeth! Love the photos you took! The paintings Marie-Grace made a breathtaking!

  2. Merry Christmas! Looks like a great day was had by all. My favoriet is Samantha's new green dress. Just lovely.

  3. Merry Christmas. We spent the day with our cousins, opening gifts together. When do you guys get home? We sent you guys gifts.
    Melody and Alexis from TN

  4. Merry Christmas to you both! It's true, Marie is a wonderful artist.

  5. GUESS WHAT??? WE HAVE THE SAME DOLL!!!! I have Jubilee, but I re-named her Melody, and my sister Penny has Liberty, but she calls her Janet. Isn't that cool! Could Melody and Jubilee be friends, perhaps? Poor Melody got her hand chewed by the puppy today. We're going to try and find her another arm, but now Vision Forum has closed down, and everything has happened, we don't know where to get one!



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