Sunday, June 30, 2013

A day at Rocky Mountain National Park (and Estes Park)

I hope you all have enjoyed your Saturday as much as we did!  It started out at sunny Fort Collins, where we were staying.  At around ten o'clock, we left the house for Estes Park (the city).  By the time that we got to Estes, it was raining.

"This ruins our plans." Chrissa said dejectedly.  "And I was so looking forward to feeding the chipmunks on Chipmunk Mountain."  I drove around Estes, trying to figure out what to do.
"We shouldn't go home, because we already drove all this way. We might as well go into Rocky Mountain National Park since we have a pass." I said.
"But it's RAINING!" Chrissa practically shouted. "How much fun can you have in a national park, where you spend all the time outdoors, when it's raining?!"
"Calm down, Chrissa.  It's not raining very hard right now anyway." I said.  Suddenly, a sound like pebbles hitting the car began.  It had started hailing.
"Well isn't this a pretty little mess." Chrissa said, scowling.
"I know!  We can drive up to Bear Lake.  By the time we get up there, the hail will have probably stopped and the rain will just be a light drizzle." I said.
"But won't it be unsafe to drive up a mountain with the weather the way it is?" Chrissa nervously asked.
"Don't you worry.  It'll be fine." I comforted.
"Ok, if you say so." Chrissa sighed.
Just as I predicted, the hail had stopped and the rain was very light by the time we were at Bear Lake.  Chrissa and I took a very enjoyable hike around the lake.  Unfortunately, we couldn't bring our new camera out of the car because of the rain.  After Bear Lake, we drove to Sprauge Lake to have lunch.  Here are some pictures from our walk around the lake.

After Sprauge Lake,  it had cleared up, so we drove back to Estes Park and Chipmunk Mountain.  
We road the tram up to the top.

The view was breath taking.
Here's a chipmunk eating one of the peanuts we gave him.  Chrissa has decided that besides dogs, chipmunks are now one of her favorite animals.  Usually, there are tons of chipmunks, chasing after you for peanuts, but yesterday it was hard to find any chipmunks who were hungry.  After taking the tram back down, we had dinner at McDonald's, then drove home.  How did you spend your Saturday?

Friday, June 28, 2013

Double Great News!

Hi all!  I have some great news!  First of all, you know the post "Camera Disappointment"?  Well, when Elizabeth and I checked our mail box, guess what we found?  A late birthday card for me, with fifty dollars in it from my Grandma! Can you believe it?!  Just the right amount of money for the camera!  So we ordered it last Wednesday and the camera should be here soon.  And on top of that, Elizabeth arranged that our cousin, Liberty, would come to stay with us for the Forth of July!  Isn't that awesome?  I am so happy!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New things from American Girl

Recently, American Girl posted all their new summer releases on their website.
(Sorry about the picture quality- I had to copy the image off
Of all the new clothes, I like Saige's Tunic outfit the best, but I don't think I would buy it.  Chrissa says she really wants the Purple Peacock PJ's, but she already has the Honey Puppy PJ's, so why does she need two pairs of pajamas from American Girl?
I think the braided headband is cute- I just don't know if it's worth $12.

What do you like?  Are you buying anything?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Pros and Cons of Summer

   Hi all!  Chrissa here again, and I'm going to  tell you what I like (and don't like) about summer.  Worst for first, so I'll start off with what I don't like.
  • Mosquito bites- so annoyingly ichie!
  • Hot weather- if you run around at all, you get all sweaty.
Now, what I do like about summer.

  • Swimming- I love cooling off and just being in the water.

  • Hiking!
  • There's more time for everything like
    •  Reading,

    • And playing outside.

  • All the delicious, fresh summer fruit (photo from Google images).

  • There's no school!-not that I don't like it, but it's so fun to have the whole day free.

  • I get to spent more time with my friends.
What do you like and dislike about summer?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Camera Disappointment

The Canon EOS Rebel T3

Hi all!  I don't think Elizabeth or I mentioned this earlier, but we were saving up for a new camera because our old one was well, old. Basically, we were ready for an upgrade.  We agreed on the Canon EOS Rebel T3 (you can see the picture above).  Between a garage sale, countless lemonade stands, and odd jobs, we finally earned the $400 that was needed.  We got on Amazon, excited to buy camera, but when Elizabeth and I found the listing, we sadly found out that they had raised the price $50!!  So, we're back to raising money (and waiting to see if they lower the price).  Are you all saving up for anything?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hiking at Lily Lake

What did you do yesterday? We went to Lily Lake, as you can see from the photo.  After lunch, we climbed a short hike almost all the way around the lake.

It was a beautiful, sunny day.
Chrissa and I in front of the lake.
Here is part of the path we hiked.

Once you got to the top, the view was amazing.
Here's a rock Karen.  In some places of a hike, it's hard to see the trail, so rangers will put a pile of rocks (called a "Karen") so hikers will know where to go.

On the path, Chrissa found this neat little cave.
After our hike, Chrissa and I looked at the waves of the lake, it strongly reminded us of the ocean.  And our house.
"I miss our house, Elizabeth." Chrissa sadly said.
"I do too, Chrissa, I do too."
Traveling is fun, but there's no place like home.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Apartment (for the Summer) and Neighbors.

Hi all! How are you today?  I thought that I would show you around where we are staying(and who we are staying with)!
On the top floor is our bedroom.  On the left side is Elizabeth's bed,
...And on the other side is my bed.  I'm hoping to make some decorations soon.
Off the bedroom is a long closet.  This is my half...
...And this is Elizabeth's half. (Do you note a difference?)
Cara, Chrissa, and Kit.
Here is our living/dinning room.(The table is on the other side of the room).  Don't worry, we won't eat off the floor all summer.  The table just needed some repairing.

Kit and McKenna's apartment is above us(they are our cousins  remember?) , and Paige and Cara's is underneath.
This is Paige.  She's kind of quiet, but very sweet.
Here's Cara.  I don't know her that well yet, but I think we're going to be good friends.
Have you made any new friends recently?

Sunday, June 9, 2013

At Estes Park

Hi all!  Today after a early lunch Elizabeth and I went to the Alluvial Fan in Estes National Park!  To get to Estes park, you dive along Old Fall River Road.  It's a beautiful drive.  
"Look Elizabeth!  It's a deer!" I exclaimed once we were in the park.
"Actually, that's a Elk, Chrissa."  she replied.
"Deer, elk, it's all the same" I shrugged.
Here are the Alluvial Falls.
Here I am in front of the river.  The water was horribly cold, but I was hot, so I took off my shoes and waded into the mountain stream.  
"Come dip your toes, Elizabeth! It's not that cold once you get use to it!" I insisted.
"Err... I think I will pass.  I'm wearing a dress." Elizabeth replied.
"See, this is why you should wear pants!"
"Chrissa, we have talked about this before." she said. "You know I don't like pants."
"Whatever.  Will you at least take a picture of me?" I begged.
"Oh no, the camera batteries just died." Elizabeth said sadly. "Didn't we charge them last night?"
"I forgot too.  Oh well, you can't have everything." I sighed. "We should have dinner."
Quickly, we headed back down the trail to the picnic tables and devoured our delicious dinner.  Then we hopped in the car and headed back to our Colorado cousin's house.  It was lots of fun to go to Estes National Park.