Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth!

 Hello, lovely readers!  That's right, today, November 5th, is my birthday!  When I woke up this morning, our dining room table was covered with gifts.
 "Happy birthday and good morning!" Chrissa greeted me cheerfully, giving me a hug. 
"Good morning to you too, Chrissa!" I replied.
"Happy birthday, Elizabeth!" Mother said, smiling.  "I made you your favorite breakfast."
"Thank you, Mother!"
"Happy birthday, honey." Father said, planting a kiss on my head before he rushed out the door.  After a wonderful, yummy, breakfast, Mother told me I could open one present.
 "Here Elizabeth, open up mine." Chrissa encouraged, handing me a small present with a card attached.  Opening up the card, I saw my sister had written me a sweet birthday note.
"Thank you, Chrissa."
"Come on, open up my gift!" she said excitedly.
 "Very Funny, Elizabeth" I read thoughtfully off the book's title.
"I thought you would like this."  Chrissa told me.  "The main person even has the same name as you!"
"I am already looking forward to reading it." I told my sister.  Quickly, I ran upstairs and donned my clothes.  I started school, which Chrissa and I finished about an hour after lunch.  My party guests arrived at around 2:00.  I had invited Kit and McKenna to celebrate with me, and their friends from Paris, Izzy and Felicity, were flying into the St. Augustine airport, so Kit and McKenna picked them up on their way to our house.
From left to right: Chrissa, Elizabeth (me), Izzy, Felicity, Kit, and McKenna.

"Open our present first!!" Kit nearly yelled, dropping their gift in my lap.
"Kit, I will." I said, laughing and gently pulling the tape off the wrapping paper.
"Oh, thank you!" I said.  "I'm looking forward to reading it."
"You're welcome." McKenna replied.  Just then, a box sailed though the air and hit me on the head!
"Och!" I said, rubbing my temple.  "That hurt."
"Sorry." Felicity apologized. "I didn't mean to hit your head."
"That's alright." I said.  "Thank you both, you really didn't need to bring a gift."
"Of course we did!" Izzy exclaimed, as I opened their present.
"Oh, it's simply stunning!" I said, looking at a sparkling "E" necklace.  "Thank you so much!"  Next, I carefully unwrapped a gift from my parents,
...Which contained a cute, classy pair of shoes.
The enormous gift bag, surprisingly, held a purple lap desk.  I was quite pleased to receive it, because now I could write letter from the comfort of my bed.   
I even used it to open the last of my presents.  Inside the poka-dotted box their was a card that said:
"Dear Elizabeth,
This card is a gift card and you can 
spend it on one thing: I will sew you
a dress made out of the fabric of 
your choice.  ...
This is defiantly one of my favorite gifts that I got today.
Last but not least, Mother and Father gave me a Relaxation Kit, which held: a candle and matches, 20 bags of Chamomile tea, and a palm tree pillow.  
I had a wonderful birthday.


  1. Happy birthday Elizabeth!! Looks like a wonderful time!

  2. Awesome presents! My Elizabeth is jealous now! It's funny, because they almost the same personalities!

  3. Happy late birhtday, Elizabeth! :)

    Love Lexie and Melodie from TN


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