Saturday, November 30, 2013

Writing up our Christmas Lists

 Hi all!  This afternoon, Elizabeth and I wrote up our Christmas lists.
 "Thanks for heating up some hot chocolate, Elizabeth." I thanked my sister.
"You are welcome." She replied.  "What have you written so far?"
"Well, I really want the Frosty Fair Isle Set from American Girt, so that's on there, and a outfit for my dolls." I read off my list.  "What about you?"
 "I'm still writing." My sister replied.  "Caroline's Travel Outfit is all I have written down currently." 
"Writing this down makes Christmas seem closer.  I can't wait for it!" I excited said.
 Quietly, we wrote on our lists, adding things as we thought of them.
Writing up our Christmas lists while sipping hot chocolate is a fun (and yummy) way to spend a afternoon.
Do you write up Christmas lists?


  1. I love Caroline's travel outfit too!

    * Julie grace for Jlove

  2. Love the hat, Chrissa


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