Monday, October 7, 2013

To the Park!

 Hi all!  Today Elizabeth and I finished our school early (yay!).  We played in the backyard for a little bit while Grandma and Mom made lunch, when Mom suggested that we go to the park.  Since the weather was so nice, Elizabeth and I agreed that it was a wonderful idea.
 Elizabeth went on a walk around the park.
 Meanwhile, I found the huge red slide.  It was so much fun to slide down!

 Next, I climbed the rock climbing wall.

 Almost to the top!

 After my sister finished her walk, Mom told us "Time to go, girls."
 "Okay." I said. "We're coming."  In the car, Elizabeth told Mom 
"I'm rather cold, Mother."
"Well, why don't we buy some apple cider or hot chocolate?" Mom said. "We could warm it up when we get home."
"I think apple cider," Elizabeth started, "because hot chocolate is more of a winter treat."
"Yea.  Apple cider sounds good." I agreed.
"Okay, apple cider it is." Mom said.
Going to the park to enjoy the fall weather and having warm apple cider was one of the best ways to spend a Michigan fall day. 


  1. Awesome Post!

    ~Julie for

  2. I love this blog! You girls are such cute, good sisters!


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