Sunday, November 29, 2015

Time for Christmas Decorating!

Hello, lovely readers!  It is our tradition to decorate the hose for Christmas as soon as we can after Thanksgiving.
 But first,
 . . . we have to take down the fall decorations.
 "Chrissa, Elizabeth!  I brought in all the Christmas decor!" Georgia announced.
"You buried Sugar!" I helped my puppy climb out from under the garland.
"Wow, Georgia.  You got everything except the kitchen sink!"  Chrissa said.
"Close." Georgia corrected. "I brought everything except the Christmas tree.  Dad said he would bring it out of the garage."
Mother sighed. "I wish we bought real trees."
"But Mom, why slaughter an innocent tree when a fake one does the job just as well?" Chrissa asked.
"I'll buy you a pine candle." I offered.
"Thank you, Elizabeth."  she smiled. "Why don't you help me decorate the kitchen?"
"I'd love to!"
 Mother and I brought the decorations into the kitchen, and started setting them up.  Across the hall, Father had just brought the tree in with Chrissa's help.  The three of them rearranged the living room to fit the tree.
Georgia walked in. "Can we borrow the broom?  The floor under the couch was dusty, and Chrissa said she'd sweep it up."
I handed the broom to her.
 We could hear the swish and sweep of the broom.
"Careful!" Georgia sneezed.
"Elizabeth," Mother said, "would you please go turn on some Christmas music?"
"That's a wonderful idea!  What shall I put in?" I asked.
"How about that Michel W. Smith album - Strings of Christmas?"
Georgia overheared our conversation.  "I love that one!  Turn it up louder, please!"
 "Of course Miss Violinist would love it." Chrissa said. "I wanted something I could sing along to."
"You'll live." Georgia replied.
 "Dad, can you help me get the lights on?" Chrissa asked.
"I'm going to plug them in, and then I will." Father said.
 "I just love bright colors."  Chrissa said.
"Oh!" Georgia exclaimed. "It's Joy to the World!  I'm playing that one this year at my Christmas recital."
Father and Chrissa started winding the lights around the tree.
"No wonder it sound so familiar."  Chrissa said.  She winked a Georgia. "It's not like I've heard you practicing it all the time."
Georgia laughed, her eyes twinkling just as much as the lights as she got out the tinsel. "I'm sorry, Chrissa.  I just love that song."
"Mother doesn't need my help in the kitchen anymore, so may I assist you three?" I asked.
"You can help us decorate the tree."  Chrissa said.
"Yea, we're just about to put the tinsel." Georgia added, handing me the bundle of white.
 Working together, we wound the tinsel around the tree.
"Time for the ornaments!" Georgia announced. 
 "How many do you think I can hold in my hand at once?" Chrissa picked up bulbs and hung them on her fingers.
"Nope - seven!"
 "Last one!"
 "Make sure you space them evenly." Georgia said.
"Of course." I agreed.
"Let's unplug the lights while we put on the last set of ornaments." Chrissa said. "That way, we can have a final dramatic finish."
Once we had finished with the bulbs, we got out the snowflake ornaments.  
 "We're almost done." I hung another snowflake.
"Yep." Chrissa agreed.
"I'll go plug in the lights for your dramatic effect." Georgia said.
 "It looks fabulous!" Chrissa said.
 "Quite so." I agreed.
 I just love decorating for Christmas.
 Here's our Nativity scene.  You mustn't forget what Christmas is all about.
 I admired Mother's work in the kitchen.
Right down to the little bows.
What Christmas traditions does your family have?


  1. We always put up our tree on Thanksgiving, then watch Miracle on 34th street. And we always listen to Christmas music while we decorate.

    1. That sounds like fun, Melodie! Have a wonderful Christmas!

    2. You, too. I love your decorations.


  2. My family always eats donuts and drinks hot cocoa while trimming to tree!:)

  3. Looks wonderful. We decorate slowly start with the advent calendar then do more as it gets closer. Our kitties like to play with the ornaments, waiting a bit means we can enjoy the tree a bit longer before getting frustrated with their behavior. :)

  4. I love the decorations! In my family we always put up our tree the day after Christmas and watch Christmas movies!!

  5. Merry Christmas!
    Melodie, Lexi and Morgan

  6. This was so fun to read! Sounds like you all had a great time decorating together :)

  7. It looked like fun! I've been missing your fun posts...

  8. Will you be posting again soon?

  9. Thanks for making the doll universe bigger. Come check out my blog at: Feel free to leave a comment. (-;


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