Saturday, September 28, 2013

What Do You Do With A Cloudy, Saturday Afternoon?

 Sitting dejectedly on our couch, Chrissa said "There's nothing to do."
 "You could write a letter." I offered.
"No, I just wrote Libby a few days ago." Chrissa replied.
"Practice Gymnastics?"
"No, because it's all wet outside from the rain last night."
"Call one of your friends?"
"Make something?"
"I don't fell like it."
"Play with your dolls?" I suggested. "We haven't done that for quite a while."
 "That's a great idea!" Chrissa said. "Let's go grab them and play down here."
 "Here, I made these for your dolls." I said, giving Chrissa a little pair of pants and a little pair of shorts.
 "Thanks, Elizabeth!" Chrissa said happily.  "I've got to try them on Nellie."

 The pants...

 ...and the shorts.
 "Do you like Beth's ponytail?" I asked my sister.
 "Yes- it's really cute." Chrissa said.
 We played with our American Girls all afternoon.  Chrissa and I had loads of fun!
Do you like American Girl dolls?

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