Tuesday, September 24, 2013

An Afternoon Shopping Trip

 Hi all!  After Elizabeth and I finished our school today, Mom agreed to take us to Jo Ann's, since she needed to go to Target anyway.  We were so excited!  Mom dropped us off on her way to Target.
"I'll be back to pick you up in 35 minuets, girls.  Have a nice time!"
"Okay! Thanks, Mom!"
 Here we are inside.  It's huge in there.
 Elizabeth ran off to get some fabric.  
"You just got some like, two weeks ago!" I told my sister.  "Why do you need more?"
"It isn't for myself, Chrissa.  It's for a gift." she told me.  Personally, I think she got some for herself, too.

  So, I went off to find some black paint for a craft project.
 But of course, I stopped to smell the flowers, even if they smelled like plastic.
 Where is that paint?
 "Finally." I said.  "Paint."  I grabbed my black paint and went to find Elizabeth.  Passing through a isle, I saw something shocking.
 "Christmas decor!  Already?!" I said in astonishment. "We haven't even celebrated Halloween yet!"
It's just sad.  I mean, this is WAY over preparation.  As Libby, my cousin, would say I'm offended.
This is what you should be selling, people.  Fall things.  Anyway, I finally found Elizabeth, bought our things, and walked outside to see Mom pulling up.  Perfect timing!
We had a nice shopping trip, and Mom got some fun fall decorations for our house, plus candy corn.  We'll be posting about that later.

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  1. I love JoAnn's. I found the coolest fabric there a few weeks ago....STAR TREK! :D I I know how you feel about the Chirstmas stuff. My local Hobby Lobby has aisles of Chirstmas stuff in JUNE. That was just insane.

    PS....what editing system do you use? I love how you put the titles on your photos!


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