Monday, September 16, 2013

An "Enlightening" Experience

 Hello, lovely readers!  Yesterday Julie, Saige, and Livey invited us to their dorm for the afternoon.
 "Thanks for coming over!" Julie said as she opened the door, where it was pouring rain.
 "Thank you for inviting us!" Chrissa replied, hanging up her raincoat.  "It's raining like cats and dogs out there!"
 "Can I get ether of you a drink?" Livey asked us.  "Elizabeth, there's some tea brewing, if you'd like some."
"I'll have water" my sister said.  "Thanks, Livey."
 "Tea would be quite nice." I smiled at Livey. "Thank you."
 "Hey Julie," Chrissa started, "Why does Santa Claus have three gardens?"
Glancing at me, Julie replied, "I don't know."
"So he can ho, ho, ho!" Chrissa laughed.
"Good one!" Livey said.  Pointing at their wall, she asked "Do you like the collage?"
 "I love the collage! Did you make it?" Chrissa asked.
Nodding proudly, Julie said "Yes, I did."
"What would you like to do, Elizabeth?" Saige asked me quietly, as Julie, Chrissa and Livey carried on with their conversation.  "There's a new episode of Cupcake Wars on, if you want to watch it."
"That sounds great." I said.  So Saige turned on the TV.
 "And the winner of Cupcake Wars and $10,000 is..."
Inconveniently, the power went out.  What followed was mayhem.  There was what sounded like two screams, and loads of running that followed with a few crashing noises.
 Julie and Chrissa had dived under the the safety of the table, Chrissa taking Chocolate Chip and Julie grabbing Sugar.  Meatloaf escaped both their grasps and landed on top of the table.
 "Is everyone alright?" I asked, hoping for the best.
"Yes" Julie said, huddled under the table.
"Yes" Chrissa agreed.
"I am" Lively said, standing up.
"I think we're all fine" Saige said.
"Excellent." I said.
"What should we do?" Livey asked.
"I think the best thing is to wait for the power to come back on." Saige said.  Smiling, she added,  "And it's safe to come out from under the table, you two."
 "No it's not." Julie and Chrissa said at the same time.  "You should come under the table too.  It's much safer." Chrissa defended.  I smiled at Saige.
"Shall we do something to pass the time?" I inquired of my friend.
"Why not tell stories?" she suggested.  Finding that to be great idea, we did. And we all had a blast.  The lights came back on later, but in the meantime we had loads of fun.
Sometimes, you just have to make the best of a bad situation.

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