Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Decorating for Fall

 Hello, lovely readers!  After school, Mother asked Chrissa and I if we wanted to decorate our house for fall. 
"Of course!" we said in unison.  So, I pulled out all our fall decor and started decorating the table.

 Meanwhile, Chrissa set up pumpkins and scarecrows downstairs.
 Once I was done, I came down our stairs to help Chrissa finish.

 "This looks great!" Chrissa said, clearly pleased. "Even if it doesn't fell like fall outside, it can look like it inside!"
 "Yes, it does look nice." I agreed.
 What do you think of our work?

Do you decorate for fall?


  1. Your decorations are adorable!! We love them! We rarely decorate for the season, but we may have to start a new tradition!
    Rebecca and Kirsten

  2. Cute! We got the same little scarecrow and pumpkins the other day....YOUR HOUSE IS SOOOO AMAZING! :D

  3. I know where you got your stuff! Target!!!! I got some treat boxes, a black sparkly pumpkin, a metallic orange pumpkin, some gourds + pumpkins(doll sized), and a pumpkin tray! Saw those mini pumpkins, almost got those welcome signs.


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