Monday, September 9, 2013

A Surprising Discovery

 Hi all!  This morning I made a unexpected discovery.
 It all started when I was reaching way back to get my flip-flops out of the closet floor, but when I tried to pull my shoes out, they caught on something.  
"What's holding them back?" I wondered.
 "Nellie!  That's where you were!" I cried happily. "How did you get down there?"  Nellie had gone missing a few days ago.  On closer inspection, I noted that she had dog slobber on her tiny purple dress, as well as small bite marks.
"I bet Chocolate Chip got a hold of you, and stuffed you down there." I told my poor doll.  "I'll have to punish her, after I comb your hair."  I bushed Nellie's rough hair until it shone like the sun.
 So, I had gotten my flip-flops,
...But more importantly, I had found something much more precious: Nellie, my first American Girl doll.  Well, as they always say, things turn up where you lest expect them!

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  1. ADORABLE!!!

    Come check out my latest post!

    Thanks! :) Danielle


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