Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A Surprise Letter

 Hi all!  Today Mom told me to get the mail, since it had been a few days.
 So I let Elizabeth finish making the bed, while I ran down to the mailbox.  Back inside the house, I was picking though our letters when I spotted it.  Practically flying upstairs, I showed my sister the envelope.
 "Elizabeth!" I said, gasping for air. "Look (pant) at this (pant)!" (Running upstairs had made me lose my breath.)
 "What is it, Chrissa?" she inquired, looking away from our newly-made bed.
 "A letter from Libby and Marie!" I said excitedly.
 We opened it up, and quickly ran off to read our letters.

What a nice surprise!  Do you like getting letters?
 (P.S. Do you like Elizabeth's new skirt that she made?  It's from the fabric she bought in this post:Fabric Shopping at Joanns)


  1. So glad you got our letter! Elizabeth's skirt is very pretty, although it's not quite my stye. Love the post anyway! Libby

  2. Cute blog! Nice Post Elizabeth!


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