Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Sleepover with Julie and Saige

 Hello, lovely readers!  Last Friday night, we invited Julie and Saige to come over for a sleepover.
 "Good afternoon, Julie!" I said.  "Thanks for coming over."
"Saige and I were glad to come!" Julie said.  Looking around, she asked, "Where's Chrissa?"
"Oh, she grabbed a quick nap before you two came." I told Julie.  "Where's Saige?"
"She's-" Julie started, but didn't finish, because a ear-splitting scream echoed though the house. 

 Unknown to us, Saige had sunk up right next to Chrissa's face and said loudly,
"Hi Chrissa!"
 Screaming, Chrissa quickly sat up.  "Saige, you scared me!" she said, looking hurt.  Saige and Chrissa came down the stairs, my sister came in the living room to talk with us, while Saige used the restroom.
 "Chrissa, why did you yell like that?" Julie asked, frightened.
"Saige came right up to my face and was like 'Hi Chrissa', and it was so freaky!" Chrissa shuddered.  "I don't know why did she did it though"  she thoughtfully added.
"It's like she's mad or something." Julie said. "She has been acting strangely."
 Saige had been listening through the wall of the bathroom, and she came out crying.
"I'm sorry," she sobbed, lying on the couch. "It's just that Tessa and Dylan are being mean to me, Mimi broke her leg, I can't ride the Picasso right, and I just can't do anything right!"
Chrissa and Julie piled on top of her, smothering her in a hug.
"Elizabeth!" Mother called from the kitchen, "Please come set the table!"
"I't okay, Saige." I said over my shoulder, running upstairs. "I'll be back!"
"We're here for you, Saige!" Julie comforted.
"Yes, we forgive you." Chrissa agreed.
"Thanks, you guys are true friends." Saige said, sniffling.  After a delightful dinner, we put on our pajamas, brushed our teeth, and climbed in bed.  We stayed awake talking for quite a while, but fell asleep eventually.
In the morning, Saige and I got up to make breakfast, since Mother was still sleeping.

Julie and Chrissa decided to take advantage of the Saturday morning and slept in.
While we were eating, Chrissa brought up her dream.
"I had this really weird dream.  There was this giant or something chasing me, and for some odd reason, I was scared that it was going to sit on me.  It did, and I woke up to find that Julie was lying on top of me." Chrissa told us, looking at Julie, who was smiling.
"Well, I had a strange dream too." Julie said. "The problem is, I don't remember it!"
Smiling at Julie, Saige told her "Julie, you have a serious case of bed head!"
After breakfast, Julie and Saige had to leave.  They are such a blessing, and Chrissa and I are so glad to have them in our lives.

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  1. I had so much fun!:)

    - Julie for


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