Friday, May 31, 2013

What we did this week

Happy last day of May!  On Sunday Chrissa and I drove up to Ord to stay at our cousin's farm.  Before we went, Chrissa and I bought her a gift for her birthday.  Liberty's real birthday is on June 11th, we're celebrating it now since we won't be there then.  Liberty is also giving Chrissa her birthday gift.
 Here we are all together with the gifts at her house.
Liberty gave Chrissa a book, paper dolls that she made herself, knitting needles, and yarn.
We gave Liberty a AG magazine, Mini Mysteries 3, Gigglets, Tricky Doodles, and a bag.  Then Liberty, Chrissa and I all headed to bed.  On Monday morning, our sweet cousin made us breakfast in bed.  After that Chrissa said,
"You know the thing that I have always wanted to do in the country?  Make mud pies!"

"Mud whats?" I said.
"Mud pies." Chrissa replied.
"I've got the bucket!" Liberty said. "Even if Elizabeth doesn't want to go with you, I do."  So, Chrissa and Liberty went outside and made mud pies.
On Tuesday we mostly just ran around the farm, and at around 5:30 pm we drove home.  Wednesday Chrissa and I went to the Arch, a museum over Interstate 80.  Here are some photos from there:
 In the museum...
 Me: Those aren't real, Chrissa.  Chrissa: But they look so good!
We thought of buying these cow seeds, but I didn't think we had room in our suitcases to bring them home.
Here's the whole museum.  I thought we would just be looking at a couple artifacts while gazing out the window. But this was really cool!  If you ever get to (or live in) Nebraska, you should check this out.  Yesterday and today we didn't do that much.  And that's our week.  How was yours?

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