Sunday, October 20, 2013

To the Beach!

Hello, lovely readers!  Can you guess were Chrissa and I are?  We are in Hilton Head, South Carolina with our good friends, McKenna (henceforth called "Kenna" so as not to be confusing) and Rebecca Rubin.  Our family has not seen them for at least a year, so we were so excited to be with them again.  We're staying in a condo beach house together, along with our cousins, Kit and McKenna.
Yesterday morning, I woke up, and walked to the patio.  I can see the beach from there!
A little later, Mother called us all for breakfast, which looked delicious.

 It's rather confusing, because Kit and McKenna and Kenna and Rebecca are cousins with each other, so Chrissa and I are second cousins with Rebecca and Kenna.
"Chrissa and I are going to the beach after breakfast. Do any of you wish to go with us?" I asked.
"McKenna and I are going to stay back and work on our gymnastics moves." Kenna said.
"I'd like to come!" Rebecca said.
"What about Kit?" Chrissa asked. "Speaking of Kit, where is she?"
"She's ether at soccer or volleyball game." McKenna said. "I don't remember which one."
"Let's go get our swimsuits on, Elizabeth and Rebecca." Chrissa said. "Are you sure you don't want to come?"
"Yes." McKenna and Kenna agreed.
Rebecca, Chrissa, and I walked to the beach.
"What should we do?" Rebecca asked.
"How about a group picture?" Chrissa suggested. "Before we get wet, of course."
"That's a wonderful idea!" I said.
How do we look?
"Hey, Rebecca" Chrissa said, "do you want to make a sandcastle?"
While they played with the sand, I went on a walk by the ocean and picked up a few shells.
Later, my sister and Rebecca ran down to join me.
Walking on the beach is so refreshing.  Once we had our fill of the surf and the sand, Chrissa, Rebecca and I walked to the pool.

Chrissa and Rebecca went swimming in the clear, blue water.
We spent a lovely day in the ocean and in the pool with Rebecca yesterday.
Which do you like better, the ocean or the pool?


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