Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Apple Picking at Erie Orchards

Hello, lovely readers!  At lunch this afternoon, Mother and Father agreed that we should go to Erie Orchards today to go on a hay ride and pick apples right off the tree.
When we arrived our parents had us stop for a picture, as normal.
 There were ever so many pumpkins inside the building!
 We took a hay ride to their apple orchards.
Thankfully, we were blessed with a beautiful, sunny day.  There was not a cloud in the sky.
 "How does this one look, Mom?" Chrissa asked.
"It's a little green, Chrissa." she replied.  "Maybe this one, instead?"
 "This one looks tasty." I said, finding a radiant, rosy, red apple.
 "Yea, that's a good one." Chrissa said, looking over my shoulder.
 Over on the other side of the "road", green Golden Delicious apples hung in bunches.  
We picked a few to enjoy. And oh, they looked and smelled wonderful!
Chrissa and I couldn't wait for Mother to make her mouth-watering apple pie from the apples we chose at Erie Orchards.
Have you ever picked apples?

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