Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hallowenn Costume Deliberaton

 Hi all! This afternoon, Elizabeth and I were trying to decide what we would go as for Halloween.  Elizabeth thought we should write down our ideas, and I agreed.
 "Chrissa, you should not be eating so many candy corns!" Elizabeth scolded when I sat down with a bowl of the candy.  "We need to save them."
"But the whole point of candy corns is eating them." I argued. "Besides, once you start, it's hard to stop."  Elizabeth didn't look convinced, but she ceased to say anything more on the subject.  Insted, she started writing on her list.
 "Do you have any ideas yet?" I asked.
"Yes, I do." my sister replied. "You could be a surfer."
"O-o, I like it.  But I meant for yourself."
"Not exactly." Elizabeth said, frowning.  Her mood changed, and she quickly jotting something down on her list. For a few minuets, all that could be heard was the scratching of pencils on our paper.
"What do you have?" my sister asked, looking up from her writing-covered list.
 "Well, I could be a surfer, a movie star, a gymnast, or a chef." I read off of my paper.
"And what's on your list?" I questioned Elizabeth.
 "A photographer, a princess, an Egyptian queen, or a cupcake baker is all I have thought of so far." she said.  "I don't believe I would be a photographer,..."
Slowly, Elizabeth and I dicussed and crossed off things off our lists until only one choise remained...
What did we chose?  Find out on Halloween!
What are you planing on wearing on October 31?

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