Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A Fall Walk

 Hi all!  Yesterday was our last day in Michigan, so Elizabeth and I went on walk to enjoy the crisp, fall breezes and the crunchy, crackly leaves.
 We raked a pile of leaves in our Grandparent's yard.
 "Look out below!" I shouted, jumping into the pile.
 "This is awesome!"
 "You should try it, Elizabeth!" I encouraged my sister.
"Well...," she said, "Perhaps..."  Deciding against it, Elizabeth just sat down in the leaves.

 "Ah..." we said together, lying down in the dry, orange leaves.

 "Let's continue on our walk." Elizabeth, said, standing up.
 "Yea, you're right." I replied, jumping on my feet.
 On our walk, my sister and I had a nice conversation.
"Fall here is so beautiful." I said, eyeing the trees.
"I completely agree.  Florida's weather is to, well," Elizabeth said, trying to find the right word, "warm."
 "Majestic." Elizabeth breathed, pointing to this tree.  This picture doesn't do the setting justice.  It was breathtaking.
As we walked home, we thought of how blessed our Grandparents were to live in such beauty.  When we arrived home, our parents were in a flurry of packing, and we joined in, even though I wanted to do a blog post ;).  Our family flew back to our Florida home, which was very hot, compared to Michigan.
Are you enjoying cold weather, or hotter like Elizabeth and I?


  1. It keeps changing, but it's mostly cool here. The trees are lovely here to. Love, Marie

  2. beautiful and fun! Fall colors are great!

  3. Could you show how to Crissa's french fishtail braids?


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