Saturday, October 12, 2013

An Interesting Day

 (This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but for some odd reason it didn't work.)
Hello, lovely readers!  Today two interesting things happened.  First, Chrissa and I ate out for every meal! And second, Kit and McKenna, our cousins, started their own blog (You can see it at  For breakfast, our family ate at the Original Pancake House, because Father loves their apple pancakes.
 I ordered buttermilk pancakes with a yogurt parfait. 
 Along with her pancakes, Chrissa got a egg, bacon, and orange juice.
 Chrissa posed to show you her new shirt.  Do you like it?  After breakfast, we went back to Grandma and Grandpa's house, where I read and Chrissa exercised in the backyard.
"Come on out and play with me!" Chrissa said. "The weather is perfect!"
"I would really like to finish my book." I replied.  "Perhaps once I finish this chapter?"
"You always say that." my sister said unhappily. "See you in two years."
"Chrissa, would you like me to bring my book outside?" I offered.
"Okay" Chrissa sighed.  "I guess that's as good as you'll get."
 For lunch we went to McDonald's.  Nether Chrissa or I remembered to bring the camera, so I just reused this picture.  During the afternoon we spent some quality time with our grandparents, who treated us to dinner at...
 ...Boston Market!  
 Their home-made cornbread is very delicious!
 Chrissa mixed raspberry lemonade and Sprite to create what she called "Think Pink".
We arrived back at the house just in time to pick up the phone.
"Hello, this is Chrissa" my sister said into the phone.
"Hi Chrissa!  This is McKenna, and I just wanted to tell you... I STARTED A BLOG!!!!"  our cousin told Chrissa excitedly.
"WOW! What did you name it?" Chrissa asked.
"The Brooks Adventures.  Please look at it and tell me what you think." McKenna said.  My sister and I did, and we think it's very fun!  Readers, you should check it out too.  Again, their blog address is
So, that was my interesting day.  
Have you every gone at to eat for every meal?


  1. Thank you for talking about us on your blog! It means a lot!!

    1. I looked at your blog, but couldn't leave a comment. I wanted to let you know that I love the sweet pics of you and your sisters and can't wait to see your adventures!

  2. cool! I'm going right over to your cousin's blog!

  3. I love your post! I think we all have those odd days!:)

    Julie for


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