Monday, October 7, 2013

In Michigan!

 Hello, lovely readers!  That's right, Chrissa and I are in Michigan with our Grandparents.  Friday night we stayed with McKenna and Kit, who by the way are loving Florida, so their parents could drive us to the airport.

 I chose the window seat; it's my favorite place on the plane.
Chrissa was stuck in the middle, across from our parents.  Our flight was direct to Detroit, so afterwards,...
 ...we caught a bus to the rental car station, where we picked out a car and started driving to our Grandparent's house.
 Our family stopped at McDonald's for lunch.  Since our Grandparents were at a concert and wouldn't be home until after dinner time, Mother and Father agreed that we should stop at our favorite pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin.

 There were so many to chose from!
 Here are Chrissa and I in front of the pumpkins!

 Chrissa with the pumpkin we picked.

 Here I am.

Aren't these flowers pretty?  We'll be spending the next week here in Michigan staying with our Grandparents.  Chrissa and I are enjoying the cool, with out humidity, weather.
Are you experiencing cold weather?


  1. cute! and beautiful pictures too!

  2. The weather is nice and there are lot's of cool breezes here in innerstarU! I think this is a beatiful blog post!:)

    ~Julie for

  3. looks very cute and fun! That's a lot of pumpkins!


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