Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick or Treating on Halloween.

 Hello, lovely readers!  Chrissa and I went trick or treating last night in our neighborhood.
 Can you guess what we were?
Chrissa chose to be a surfer/beach girl.  She thought about bringing along my surfboard, but decided against it at the last minuet.
"It's too heavy." she claimed.

 My sister brought along a beach bag to collect her candy.
 To finish off her costume, Chrissa wore a anklet and flip-flops.
 I decided to be a chef.  Mother told me I should have worn a chef's hat, but I did not wish to.
 My light pink "leather" bag was perfect for carrying candy.
 As we walked up to each house, saying "Trick or treat!  Thank you.", Chrissa and I accumulated loads of candy.
 I don't know how we are going to eat it all!  If we eat it all, that is.
 "Trick or treating is so much fun!  Plus, who wouldn't want lots and lots of candy?" Chrissa said happily.  "I'm probably stocked until the Easter!" 
"Perhaps even the Fourth of July!" I agreed, as we shared a laugh.
 Did you go Trick or Treating last night?


  1. You guys look so cute. We dressed up for Halloween, too. Lexie was a runner and I was a dog walker. You looked like you had a ton of fun!
    Melodie from Tn

  2. Such cute costumes! We did not end up trick or treating this year, we actually went to our Church's Fall Fest!


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