Monday, July 7, 2014

Birthday Gifts in the Mail!

 Hi all!  I hope you are having just as fab a day as I am.  When Mom and Elizabeth got the mail this morning, there was a late birthday package ...
 "Chrissa!" Elizabeth called up the stairs. "There's something for you from Lexie and Melodie!"
 "Really?" I exclaimed, running down and plopping in a chair.
"Yes - here you go." Elizabeth handed me a little stack of wrapped presents. "I'm going to go and finish my book."
 To begin, I read the card.  It was so sweet!
Next, I opened up the first gift to find that it was a purse and held a matching wallet, and two other little presents, which I unwrapped to find ...
 ... a cute collar and leash for my dog!
 Immediately, I tried it on Chocolate Chip.  The collar fit her perfectly!  
Besides all those great things, the last gift held a beautiful scarf!  My reaction when I opened it went something like this:
"What. The. Lime. Peels!  This is soooooo perfectly FABSOME!!!!!"  I said, twirling around to admire it from every angle. "Now I just need a outfit cute enough to go with this!"
Getting late birthday gifts is like a ice cream sandwich on a hot summer day!  Thank you so much, Lexie and Melodie!
What would you want most to find under wrapping paper?


  1. So glad that the gifts came. Sorry they were so late. Love the reaction to the scarf. Happy Late Birthday Chrissa.
    Melody and Lexie from TN

  2. Really cute! I most want the american girl doll Molly.

  3. I love your new gifts, they're so adorable :D I'd love to find a new AG doll under wrapping paper ;)

    (By the way, could you please check out my blog? I absolutely love yours, and I'd be so happy if you looked at mine :D The link to my blog is below my name :) )

    ★ Shelby-Grace ★

    1. We checked out your blog as requested, and it was so fabsome, we followed it! Good work.

  4. I nominated you for the Beachy Blogger Award!


  5. Neat! I've nominated you for an award on my blog!


  6. What a cute blog! and it is such a nice gift from Lexie and Melodie.. =)

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