Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Movie and a Surprise

 Today, after school, Chrissa asked me if I wanted to watch a movie with her.
"What one were you thinking of?" I inquired.
"McKenna shoots for the Stars." she replied.  "I love watching the gymnasts!"
"They are interesting." I said.  "So I think I will join you."
"Great! I'll go set up the movie." Chrissa said as she ran down the stairs.
"And I will make some popcorn."

 Chrissa and I settled down to watch our movie, and our dogs joined us.
 But personally, I think they were more interested in the popcorn than the movie.  When McKenna ended, I went to get the mail.
"Chrissa!" I said happily.  "Look, we got a package from Liberty!"
"Ya!  I've been waiting for her letter!" Chrissa said.
"What's this?" I said.  "A present from Marie-Grace!"
 "Wow, that's pretty." Chrissa said, looking over my shoulder.
 Liberty sent me a letter along with the package.  Inside, it said: 
'Dear Elizabeth,
 Happy Birthday!  A few days ago I got a
 package from Marie.  Inside was a 
letter for me and a present for you. Marie
 ... wishes you a very happy birthday. ...'
"My birthday's not tell November." I said, puzzled.
"Maybe she got mixed up." Chrissa cheerfully suggested.  I don't know, but and early birthday gift was a nice surprise.


  1. What a great surprise! What was it?

    1. I said it at the end of the post- it's the early birthday gift.

      Elizabeth Grace


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