Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Little Walk to the Park

 Hello, lovely readers!  This morning, Chrissa and I walked down to our neighborhood park.
 "Are you ready to go, Chrissa?" I asked by the door.
"Yep!" she replied, checking her bag and joining me outside. "All ready.  So let's go!"
 Walking quickly, we set off for the park.
 "Yay!  We finally got here.  I'm so doing some round-offs and cartwheels!" Chrissa proclaimed happily, dropping her bag and running into the green grass.
"And I shall go and watch you up there." I told my cartwheeling sister, pointing to the tower.
After she finished her exercise, Chrissa joined me in the tower, where we talked about anything and everything as only sisters can.
 "Oh!  Mom, what are you doing here?" Chrissa asked, looking surprised.  I looked up, and saw our mother standing right in front of us.
"Your father and I already had our lunch, but since you hadn't, I brought you a picnic."  Mother replied, smiling lovingly.
"Oh, what a nice surprise, Mother!" I said. "Thank you!"
"You both are welcome.  Enjoy!"  she said, climbing down from the high tower. "Oh- and be back in time for dinner!"
"We will!" Chrissa shouted.
 "This looks delicious!" I said hungrily.
"De-lish!" Chrissa agreed, licking her lips.  "Let's dig in!"

  We dined on ham sandwiches, yogurt parfaits,  sweet yellow pineapple...
...And even homemade cupcakes (left over from my birthday) for desert!  Mother thought of everything.
Do you like picnics?


  1. Cool photos at the park
    Melodies and Lexie

  2. I love the background to you blog!
    Also, I totally love having picnics!!!!!


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