Friday, November 29, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

 Hello, lovely readers!  Today Mother, Father, Chrissa and I decorated our house for Christmas; we always do the day after Thanksgiving.
 We brought our artificial tree inside from the garage.  Our parents bought a artificial tree because Chocolate Chip has a tendency too "sent" real pine trees.
 Chrissa lugged in the ornaments, lights, tinsel, and the star for the top of the tree.  Once the garage was emptied of it's Christmas contents, 
 ...Chrissa and I looped the colorful lights around our no longer bare tree.
 While I carefully guided the sparkly white tinsel around the branches,...
 ... Chrissa plunked the red star on the topmost branch.  With a bang, my sister dropped the box of bulbs on the couch, which she opened and started to hang on the tree.  I joined her.
 "Here's a bulb to place on the top." I said, handing Chrissa a green/yellow ornament. 
"Okay- I'll put it right here." She replied, cautiously hanging it on a high branch.  Finishing with the bulbs, ...
 ... I unfastened the lid of a container full of snowflake ornaments.
 We hung them on the tree's prickly branches.
 "I like it." Chrissa commented as we stepped back to look at our work.
"I think it to be splendid." I agreed.
 From the red star on top to the blue fuzzy tree skirt on bottom, our tree was beautiful.
 We hung up our stockings on the cabinet because there isn't a fireplace in our house.  In Florida, there simply is not a need.
But of course, we decorated the table for Christmas too.  At our house, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Have you "decked the halls" yet?


  1. Your tree is Beautiful! You should let us come over and see it Face to Face.

  2. I love your tree. You both did a great job of decorating. Where did you get your tree and decorations?
    Melody from TN

  3. Love the tree. Great job decorating. Where did you get your cool red star?

  4. this looks very beautiful and awesome!!! Melody and Lexi, Target sold mini trees and mini decorations.


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