Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Our Sweet Pets

 Hello, lovely readers!  One of the many things Chrissa and I are thankful for are our two playful pets, Sugar and Chocolate Chip. 
 This is my dog, Sugar.  She is a Yorkshire Terrier (or "Yorkie"), and I love her so very much!  Because it is easily tangled, I bush her soft fur every morning.  She has a gentle spirit, and is quite a cutie!
 Chrissa's dog, Chocolate Chip, is a Chocolate Lab puppy.  She is extraordinarily energetic, always ready for a walk.  Because of this, Chocolate Chip brings loads of energy into our house.
Below are pictures of both of them that I snapped this morning, first Sugar then Chocolate Chip.

 Look at her cute little nose!

 High and mighty Chocolate Chip (silly puppy).
 Chrissa and I are so thankful for our adorable, loyal, furry puppies!
Do you have any pets?


  1. We have a Yorkie, too. Love the photos.
    Melody and Lexie

  2. Our family has 2 dogs, Honey the Golden retriever, and Grace. (I don't remember what kind of dog she is.)
    P.S. I like it how you ask questions. It makes posting comments fun and awesome!!!


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