Friday, May 24, 2013

Flying to Nebraska

Today Chrissa and I flew to Nebraska.  At eleven o'clock this morning, we left the house for the airport.  We checked a bag, waited though security, headed for our gate, and with time to spare, climbed aboard the plane.  I chose the window seat.

Chrissa came to look at the view.
 I love watching the plane take off, but unfortunately our plane was running late.  By the time we landed, Chrissa and I had very little time to catch the connecting flight.  We raced through the airport and nearly missed our plane!  Other than that, we had a nice trip.  We arrived safely in Nebraska at 6:00 and picked up our checked bag.  Nana picked us up thirty minuets later and took us to McDonald's for dinner (since we didn't eat on the aircraft).
Have you ever flown on a plane?

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  1. Oh I simply hate airplanes! Mommy took me on one to California during Christmas. It was kind of like a rollercoaster!



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