Monday, May 20, 2013

Chrissa's Bithday Party

Sorry Elizabeth and I haven't posted lately- various things kept us.  Anyway, I had my birthday party last Saturday.   I wish all of you could have joined me.  It was lots of fun!
Who did come? Izzy and Felicity, neighbor girls, Samantha, Nellie, and Sydney, my new friends from school, Julie, McKenna and Kit, my cousins, and of course Elizabeth.
Here is the party table.  Do you like the doggie place mats?  First we all sat in a circle and said our name(since everyone didn't know each other), our favorite color, our dog's name and breed, and how we knew me (Chrissa).  Then we played two games: a relay and hide and go seek Frisbee tag.
In this photo we're about to play the relay game.  We split into two teams.  Each team had to clean a dog and each person had a job in doing that.  Then we played Hide and go seek Frisbee tag.  After all that running around, everyone was glad to sit down for some cake.
Elizabeth brought out the cake and lighted the candle.  Then all my gusts started singing.
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Chrissa! Happy Birthday to you!"
"Make a wish!" Izzy said.  I smiled.  I wished. I blew out the candle.  Slowly, Elizabeth sliced the cake.
"This is a great cake, Elizabeth!" Kit said with her mouth stuffed full of food.
"It's delicious!" Nellie agreed.  After we had cake, I opened presents.   First I opened Julie's gift.  She gave me a mini bean bag for my doll, and a Felicity paper doll set.
"Wow! Thanks Julie!" I said.
"This gift is from both of us." Izzy said, handing me a gift bag.  I pulled out the tissue paper, and saw the present: a bowl of candy!
"Thanks Izzy and Felicity!" I said.
Then I opened the rest of the gifts.  McKenna gave me a travel bag, Kit's gift was a book that she wrote about gymnastics, and Elizabeth gave me pajamas's for my doll.
But the best gift was just spending time with almost all of my friends.

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