Thursday, May 9, 2013

No more School!

Hooray! Our school is all done for the summer!  If you saw Chrissa's face when our teacher said no more school, you would have thought that her face would break in half from all that smiling.  To celebrate,  we went swimming Wednesday evening.
 Don't forget the sunscreen!
 Laying by the pool.
 Chrissa dived right in!
"Come on in, the water is just perfect!" Chrissa said, swimming up to the surface.
"Great!" I said.  We spent the rest of the evening swimming in the sky-blue water.
 But good things can't last forever, so Chrissa and I had to get out...
 ... and go home.
Do you like to swim?  We sure do!


  1. you are so lucky i have 9 weeks left and i have to o sats :(

  2. Hi! I am Snappy skye and I tagged you! Go to, for more info!! Bye:)

    -Snappy skye<3

  3. I love to swim, it's totally awesome!
    Kit does it a lot.


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